Nintendo Says Wii Just As Strong A Xbox 360, PS3

Nintendo has come out and stated that they strong believe that the longevity or life-span of the Nintendo Wii is just as strong as that of the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PS3.

Nintendo UK manager David Yarnton came out and stated in a recent interview with MCVUK that he believes t he Wii will continue to have high demand and support from third-party publishers.

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Honeal2g3753d ago

Brawl is the last Straw...... unless theres something i;m missing and hopefully it doesnt get overshadowed by Metal Gear/Ninja Gaiden/GTA4 its just not gonna happen...

PS360WII3753d ago

Right saying Brawl is the last straw is like saying Metal Gear is the last straw and Ninja Gaiden 2 is the last straw.

pwnsause3753d ago

"Wii will continue to have high demand and support from third-party publishers."

Rly? does that mean no more crappy 3rd party games.?

PS360WII3753d ago

heh not likely. Crappy 3rd party games will always exsits. They are even found on the PS3 and 360! Heck they are found on every single console ever released.

mugoldeneagle033753d ago

To me the Next Gen console race is split up between two sides:

1) Nintendo Wii/DS - PS2/PSP
2) Xbox 360/Playstation 3

To say that the Wii has just as much longevity as the 360/PS3 isn't a big surprise, just look at the install base. Nintendo could do anything they want, and the consumer will buy it in a heartbeat. They don't have to waste time with marketing, software lineups, or exclusives because the Wii consumers don't care about them, they just care about more games.

I recently left my job as an Assistant Manager working at Hollywood Video and I cant tell you how many times a customer would come in, usually a mother/father in their mid 40's, stating how they just bought a wii for their kids (Some infants) and wanted to know what the best game was for it. As a 20 year old gamer, what was I supposed to say? Manhunt 2? Zelda?

My point is, with the price point and popularity of the Wii, people are eating them up, and will continue to do so, especially if they remain hard to find.

However, Nintendo is miles away from competing with Microsoft or Sony on the software front, in terms of what gamers want, and the quality/longevity of AAA titles. Mario Galaxy started it, Smash Bro's will shorten the gap, but until they get franchises that appeal to the hard core gamer, the Wii is still a sitting duck.

If I were Nintendo, I'd definetly go after Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear (If Possible), and any other big name title. Mario titles wont last forever

gunnerforlife3753d ago

do u really think the wii can handle MGS lol its not powerfull kindom of hearts maybe but it aint gone happen cuz im sure sony has that looked up in the exclusivety department

mistertwoturbo3753d ago

I have a Wii, 360, and PS3. But for some reason, I look at the Wii like it's just a toy. Heck, I don't even use it. I let my nephew and niece play with it.

However I do know why people want it,
1. For they're kids or
2. See what's the hype all about.

Those two reasons alone is what's making the Wii sell buttloads. It's not the software, it's not the hardware, and obviously it's not the graphics. It's the market that's eating them up. Kids want it, parents will want it. And at $250 it seems reasonable to them.

Nevers3752d ago

The Wii's like a jump rope or hoola hoop at this point(less healthy). It's a toy... an incredibly fun and multifaceted toy but it was the Tickle Me Elmo of the new Millenium. The fad will fade, but, like fads, it shall rise again...

...thinkin' o' Craig's Listin' mine :)

Genuine3753d ago

I could end up being wrong, but I don't think the Wii is a 10 year console.

Joey Gladstone3753d ago

ABSOLUTELY TRUE.....I mean if we are talking about ACTUAL Plastics, metals, and hardware components to make the console then yes.......In other categories It simply cant compete, but like I've always said, let the sales numbers do the talking for the Wii...
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

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