Can 3D display technology make a comeback? writes:

"Admit it, even when you were scoffing at the poorly realised severed limbs transcending dimensions in Jaws 3D, you were thinking: 'wouldn't it be great if that actually worked?' We're getting closer and closer to the time when you'll have true 3D images on a flat screen in your own home."

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Joey Gladstone3784d ago

the only way this could possible work is if the TV somehow could produce a 3D effect just using your eyes and no extra peripherals, like an illusionary effect with your eyes that could be adjusted on and off from your TV......
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

sloth4urluv3784d ago

There is such a way, but you have to be directly facing the tv at the center.
Its two LCd screens overlayed ontop of each other setup so that due to the angle that you look at it each eye will see a different image.

I cant see any other way of doing it without the glasses though.

VigorousApathy3783d ago

They could have some small emitter you attach near your eyes, and then sensors to keep track of where the emitter is relative to where the monitor is. Then the proper programming would be able to alter the image on the monitor relative to the placement of your eyes.