GTA V: 10 Awkward Features That Need Improving

This piece aims to critique the series to date, to discover what was maybe, if not terrible (little in the GTA series can be called terrible), at least a little awkward and could maybe use a R* makeover.

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attilayavuzer1805d ago

10. Soft Lock
9. Friends
8. Police A.I
7. Melee Combat
6. Driving Mechanics
5. Vehicular Ownership
4. Cinematic Camera
3. Physical Interaction
2. Clothing
1. Draw Distance

GuyThatPlaysGames1805d ago

More like GTA V: 10 more articles to bash on the game we know nothing about yet.

t0mmyb0y1805d ago

The game isn't even out yet. We don't know what the game even is.

Lyssk1805d ago

I want something to spend all of my money on.

Unafraidworm1805d ago

I can fix that... just give me all your money and you'll be happy and ill be happy.

ab5olut10n1805d ago

Is this the only kind of article whatculture does? Jesus Christ