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The Courtesy Conundrum - Has Konami Stopped Rage Quitters?

Adam from Awesome Games writes: 'There’s something odd happening on the PES 2013 online servers at the moment. A surprising phenomenon which will baffle scientists, stump psychologists and alarm human behaviour experts the world over. People are being… courteous online. It’s such an unexpected shock, that it’s verging on the surreal.' (PC, PES 2013, PS3, Xbox 360)

3-4-5  +   1055d ago
That is a really good idea that should be in every game.

* You quit, you get a loss. And a bad rating.

It shouldn't be like Halo Reach where you can't play for 10 min though. that is just dumb.

But there needs to be small punishment for quitting.
Nate-Dog  +   1055d ago
Quitting and receiving a loss isn't anything new to be honest. Both FIFA and PES have had that feature for years. The courtesy rating and abandoning of games with dramatically bad connections, however, is new, and I like the sound of that, especially since as the author states lag is unfortunately a frequent issue in Konami games.

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