Halo 4 Forge Mode: five features we're most excited about

OXM - An in-depth look at how 343 has overhauled the editor.

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MasterD9192020d ago

I can't wait to build something on Impact...asteroid + space atmosphere? Awesome.

My only gripe is I noticed they used a handful of the same resources and buildings that they used in Reach. But I'll be too busy being in awe of Halo 4 & Forge mode to care.

CrimsonessCross2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

I effing LOVED forge mode in Reach (Halo 3 wasn't bad but doesn't couch Reach, of course) . I made like 3-4 maps I enjoyed the hell out of I just wish were to have been put into real matchmaking, but some of the others people made were intriguing as well. I'm fine with sticking with my own personal made maps though :P

I put so much time into them and trying to balance them especially with the spawns, it's fun to see how a map you want to make will run in a system as such as Forge.

The new forge sounds interesting and somewhat promising from the article.

MasterD9192020d ago

Me too...I made some pretty awesome maps too, but like you said, we missed the cut.

Hopefully we can create awesome maps to submit for Halo 4. I spent so much time in Forge too, hours upon hours. I'd love to see achievements this time for Forging maps too.

Cant wait to hear about the 3rd setting. Ravine, Impact...I'm thinking it's probably an in-door map. It has to be...

spicelicka2020d ago

God damnn i cannot wait, i wanna catch fire and rollll!

Cerberus292019d ago

I love the new dynamic lighting in forge