Tomb Raider writer calls Lara Croft a 'female Batman'

Modern Lara Croft has been described as a 'female Batman' by Tomb Raider writer, Rhianna Pratchett.

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THESONYPS31559d ago

I'm pretty sure BatGirl or Even Catwoman fits being the girl batman. I reckon she is the girl Nathan Drake or Indiana Jones. Lol.

SuicidalTendencies1559d ago

Nathan Drake? Did you just start gaming 5 years ago?

Kran1559d ago

Actually Nathan Drake is the male Lara Croft... Suicidal said... have you just joined gaming?

WiiUalpha1559d ago

I always thought of Drake as a male Lara Croft myself and her as a female Indiana Jones

Kran1559d ago

a female indiana in modern times...

yet in the movies, i somehow resembled her to james bond o.O

jc485731559d ago

I am all in for Batman knock offs.

RivetCityGhoul1559d ago

hope it doesn't play like batman. both batmans sucked imo.

OmniSlashPT1559d ago

Yeah, because this new Lara is everything but Lara Croft. It's just a poor excuse of a reboot.

Lara Croft is a badass itself, it's not female Batman, it's freaking Lara Croft. Don't try to redo the character.

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