Madden 13 Vita getting a big update and makeover

What should we call it now? Madden 13.1? Anyway here's the details of the update, fixing crashes, bringing smoother gameplay and other improvements, shipping in a week or so. I guess that FIFA 13 will probably get some similar treatment, trying to make these dodgy releases a little more palatable for gamers. Also, do we have en EU release date for Madden 13 yet? Where the hell is it!

Noticeable hitches during cut scenes in between plays, which caused a drop in framerate, have been improved.

Overall online stability improvement.

And many more.

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GhostHero3332079d ago

Im glad to see that some developers are updating their vita games unlike some games, cough....Resistance....cough

psp2roundup2079d ago

A Resistance patch is due from Nihilistic before Black Ops ships... dunno what features it will add, but could improve things.

GhostHero3332079d ago

that would be nice to play some good resistance before black ops.

teedogg802079d ago

Really nice improvements.

nevin12079d ago

Not to be mean, but this should of been in the game day 1 and it shows this game was rushed.

Outside_ofthe_Box2079d ago

It's madden, what did you expect?

3-4-52078d ago

Madden get's rushed because Football season is so short. They want people to play Madden while they are into football/ during football season.

Once January hits, football is over.

rpd1232078d ago

I got this update like a week and a half ago. It does make the gameplay a lot more enjoyable. Now they need to add:

1.Injured players actually getting up instead of just cutting to the next play
2. Actually showing replays during challenges
3. Fix some of the play calling. Yesterday I threw a pass into the endzone and then the receiver took like 5 steps to the back and they called it incomplete. I challenged it and they still called it incomplete. That's bs.
4. Add a traditional kicking option. Tilting the Vita makes it hard to be precise.
5. Allow you to have multiple franchises at once. Tried to start another one and it deleted my old one.