Resident Evil 6 more online players on PS3

More online players on PS3 according to the official stats.

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Awesome_Gamer1837d ago

Glad i'm not one of them..
R.I.P Resident Evil. :(

GrieverSoul1837d ago

How is this news worthy?!? o_O

Whitefox7891837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Two reasons:

A. Stating a Fact
B. Flamewar in Comments

How people see it is up to them.

Blankman851837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Okay, so more PS3 owners bought the junky game, big whoopty doo! In the end, we all lose.

Oh_Yeah1837d ago ShowReplies(1)
kwyjibo1837d ago

Well, according to Metacritic, the PS3 version is a whole 10% better than the 360 one!

Also, what do those numbers represent. Are those actual players in game? Or people who just own the game and happen to be online. Because if those are concurrent player counts - they're massive.

Eyeco1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Yeah i've wondered why that is, on metacritic Resident Evil 6 has a 77 on the ps3 yet 66 on the 360, not that it matters because its a horrible game regardless of what platform its on.
I've also noticed that games like Bayonetta were only rated 3% less than the 360 counterpart yet that game was blasted across the net for being inferior on the PS3.

StanLee1837d ago

The PS3 version only has 27 reviews while the XBox 360 version has 59. The PS3 version has 18 positive and 9 negative reviews while the XBox version has 25 positive and 34 negative. It's averages. The user score for both are about the same, horrid!!!

Veneno1837d ago

Same thing happeneed with final fantasy 13. It was way more crap on360 and a big step better on PS3 but the ps3 version had more reviews so it averaged a lower overall score.

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Optical_Matrix1837d ago

Resident Evil has always sold more on PlayStation so that doesn't really surprise me. It's the same way CoD will no doubt always have more people playing on Xbox 360. No surprises. The only time it's an exception is Battlefield 3. Sold less on PS3 but is way more popular on the system than it is on 360 in terms of active players.

Siren301837d ago There is 2000 more people playing the 360 version than the ps3 right now

NoFanboyRequired1836d ago

Yeah, i dont know about that. I was going back and forth on the ps3 and 360 at my cousins house. The 360 version always had more populated servers.

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