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Are you a fan of the Fable franchise? Did you hear about Fable: The Journey and rush out to pre-order it or consider buying it upon release? Did you think to yourself, "How bad can it be, it's still Fable even if it only supports the Kinect?" Well, the good news is that the gameplay style is definitely something innovative for the Kinect. The bad news? It's not Fable. This game wasn't made for fans—it was made to sell Kinect. Anything having to do with the Fable saga is secondary, and the game suffers because of it. (Fable: The Journey, Xbox 360) 1.5/5

insomnium2  +   742d ago
This game sure is getting hammered. Luckily enough this game will probably sell around 3-5 million so there will be a sequel just like it in a year or two. Game on kids!
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edonus  +   742d ago
This is the dumbest $h!t ever. This just shows why metacritic is unreliable if something this dumb is even taken serious. They lay a foundation to complain by setting up the comparison between this game and regualr fable games which makes no sense because they are not even in the same genre. Its like Comparing Halo Wars to Halo3.... then they keep on complaining about it.

They complain about the tutorials that tell you when you are messing up and call them annoying just showing you that they were messing up a lot. The game play was called repetitive... while reality is all games have repetitive gameplay you pull the trigger and move around with right and left sticks all the time in 95% of the game they love.

They say the time spent in side quest is dungeons full of puzzles to get a chest.... like ZELDA, Skyrim, Fallout everything.

Like I said full of $h!t.

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