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TSA: "If Journey is the PS3′s grand epic – a sweeping, majestic tale of life and death – then The Unfinished Swan is the console’s bedtime tale. An equally ambitious but entirely different take on storytelling, splitting a gentle, melancholic (and desperately tragic) story into bitesized chunks of wickedly inventive adventuring. Told through the eyes of Monroe, orphaned and alone, the eponymously titled painting one of two of the boy’s possessions mentioned as the plot starts."

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Mister_G1747d ago

Looking forward to this, but hope it's a longer game than Journey. Finished Journey in one night.

rezzah1747d ago

I'm sure the majority finished that game in one sitting. I think it is no longer than 2 hours, maybe if you tried then maybe. Still the experience was great enough, for me at least, to play it over 4 times.

I enjoy games that provide unique experiences, games that are original.

Examples are Tokyo Jungle, The unfinished Swan, and I believe it is called Puppeteer.

Alos881747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

I'm pretty sure Journey was meant to be experienced in one sitting.

Knushwood Butt1747d ago

I'll be getting this one for sure.

vikingland11747d ago

It would be neat if it was for the Vita also. It would be fun to paint with the touch screen.