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MTV Multiplayer - Review: 'Resident Evil 6' - Someone Put a Bullet In This Series

MTV Multiplayer - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle killed Sherlock Holmes once and Ian Fleming, not planning to write past five books, composed an obituary for his James Bond, and Capcom effectively destroyed the Umbrella Corporation and all of its sinister zombie-based plots in Resident Evil 5. And from the ashes of that decisive, explosive, and wildly fun conclusion comes... Neo Umbrella, another world domination plot and unfortunately, Resident Evil 6.

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Community1894d ago
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Nerdmaster1894d ago

Resident Evil 6 is not as nearly as bad as people say it is. I still have to finish the last chapter of all campaigns (I'm alternating between them) and start the Ada campaign, but even if I stopped playing now, I already had more fun with this game than with RE5.

We all wish for the old Resident Evil to come back, but let's face the truth, they released a game that tried to capture the essence of the old games (RE: Revelations) but how many of you bought it? RE6 may be another step in the "action direction", but at least it's fun and well made. And hey, the Leon campaign is great and have the atmosphere of the old games.

RivetCityGhoul1894d ago

i don't understand where people get this from "the Leon campaign is great and have the atmosphere of the old games" it has NO sort of correlation to ANY the old games. ya'll people need to get your head out of the clouds because thats pure bull. btw i'm sorry but 5 was way better than this pile of crap called RE6 at least with 5 i actually had fun and the one thing that i can appreciate about 5 is that tried to tie up all the games together. 6 doesn't do any of that. but hey if fun to you is re-playing the same stages and fighting the same bosses then more power to you. matter of fact when i go to use the restroom ill wipe myself with RE6 and send it to you since you like it so much. RE6 is garbage and the reviews are absolutely right about it being crap. this is coming from guy a who actually didn't have problem with RE going towards action.

Nerdmaster1893d ago

Well, by your "restroom" phrase, I think that you're not to be taken seriously. If you say you liked 5 and it's better than 6, I'm certain you're not to be taken seriously. Are you one of those people who say "RE5's graphics were much better than 6's"?

Leon's campaign has a dark atmosphere, zombies, narrow spaces, cheap scares... It's the nearest we can get to the old games without considering remakes. But don't worry, I don't expect you to admit anything. I'm a hater too, so I know how even when something is not that bad, we insist that it is.


" Leon's campaign has a dark atmosphere, zombies, narrow spaces, cheap scares... It's the nearest we can get to the old games without considering remakes. "

If that is true, then it just shows how far off the mark Res6 has gone. I don't take away anything positive from that statement.

RivetCityGhoul1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

if you honestly say that RE6 in Leons Campaign had cheap scares the you just made yourself irrelevant to this conversation as a whole. then you said that its the nearest to what we can get to the old games yet you just said revelations was the closet, get your story straight. btw im not a hater i just admit to the fact RE6 is atrocious. the fact that people are defending it to death is prime example of the truth to that statement. because if people claim it to be as amazing, they wouldn't care if other people or reviewers are bashing it. if game is good to you then why argue? RE5 was good to me even though the general consensus thought it was bad, i did not feel the need to defend i was actually playing it. all the people that defend RE6 are just trying to justify their purchase because in the end they see what the faults of the game are that people have been ranting about. they just don't want to admit it. blind to truth - food for thought.

Nerdmaster1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

I said that Revelations didn't sell well even though it has the essence of the old games, so people can't expect Capcom to keep investing in this kind of games while the action REs are selling like crazy. Then I said that while RE6 is action oriented, it has at least the Leon campaign, even though it's only 1/4 of the game. Did understand it now or do you need an even more detailed explanation?

I don't need to defend a game to justify my purchases. I bought RE5 twice (on PC when it was released, and the gold version for PS3 because I wanted to see if the Lost in Nightmares DLC really was as good as people were saying it was... it wasn't). I still think it's a terrible game and the worst Resident Evil in the main series. When I buy shit, I admit it's shit.

Following your logic, if we like a game, we should let the haters bash it as much as they want, right? And then if the developers listen to them and change the sequel to match what the haters like, only then you'll say that you liked how it was? It's not very smart. I'm all for complaining about things we hate but when someone makes a right move, we should defend them. I really hated 5, but they fixed so many things on 6 that I would be a jerk not to compliment them for that, even though 6 still has its problems (see how I said "not as bad as..." in my first post, so I'm not really "defending it to death" as you say).

And we live in different time zones, so you can't know, but I'm only posting here during the day when I'm not at home and far from my PS3. When I'm at home, I'm playing RE6 (or Kingdoms of Amalur, but it's another story).

Oh, and if there's anything irrelevant here, it's your funny hater comments.

MasterD9191893d ago

I enjoyed RE6 far more than RE5...

Not the greatest game of all time, but it's a good game. The story could have been better, some things (like QTE) could have been left out and there could have been more improvements, but I enjoyed playing through this game enough to consider buying it down the road.

And Leon's campaign actually did feel like the old games, so you would be pretty oblivious to not notice the nods to Raccoon City in his earlier chapters.

I'd be the first to hate on Capcom (with their DLC model being shockingly offensive) but as I said before...I enjoyed the ride for the most part. Minus the BOW big boss fights every now and then.