Retro City Rampage - A Love Letter To Classic Gaming

Pixels for Breakfast writes: Retro City Rampage is an unabashed love letter to the games that raised a generation, with random pop-culture references rounding out a nostalgic hit of epic proportions.

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boybato1808d ago

is it just me or does retro city rampage look awesome. 8 bit colors so vibrant it seems like it gives the illusion of depth.

gotta love dat OLED!!!!

Blues Cowboy1808d ago

Looks gorgeous on Vita. Was going to get it on PC, but you're right, the OLED screen makes it look absolutely spectacular.

hellerphant1808d ago

I'd definitely like to check it out on the Vita, the smaller screen would make it look a little sharper.

Kirnisorey1808d ago

I just knew that this wasn't the game for me. Still have no idea why I bought it, but I have to say the game is pretty awesome.

hellerphant1808d ago

Why isn't it the game for you?