Is Game King a phone or a Game Boy Advance?

Pocket Gamer writes: "We've not encountered Spice before, but the Indian handset manufacturer is making something of a splash at Mobile World Congress this year. While nosing round its stand, we found the handset above, which appears to be called GAME KING. It's like a Game Boy Advance stuck to a phone, with a D-pad and four buttons, plus Start and Select.

The phone goes on sale next month in India, and will be a mid-priced handset retailing around the $200 mark (we're not sure how heavily operators subsidise phones in India – that could mean it's free with a contract).

Anyway, 50 games will come preloaded on the device. They didn't look super-impressive, but for gamers looking for something beyond the mobile keypad, it could be appealing. Don't hold your breath for a UK release, mind as Spice focuses on India and south east Asian countries mainly."

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