GAMINGtruth - Resident Evil 6 Review

"Resident Evil 6 is not a horrible game as some websites and magazines claim–it’s just not a great game. Maybe the title was a little over-hyped? Maybe Capcom tried a little to hard on creating a movie-like effect instead of letting us enjoy it as a game? Sure, the movies we can watch, but we got to play very little of the intense parts of the action.

The definition that was once Resident Evil seems to be deteriorating game by game. However, Resident Evil 6 does have its memorable experiences. And who can’t say that seeing all of our favorite character intertwine with each other wasn’t memorable enough? It seems that Capcom had huge ambitions just more execution."

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Cam_is_16bit1985d ago

Thanks, Kyle! That's two reviews in one week.... not too shabby.

KODxfactor1985d ago

lol I know and I got one more coming later this week hopefully...Gettin back in the swing of thangs!!

DeejayKnight1985d ago

Looking forward to more of that awesomeness, sir!

LaWiiG1985d ago

This still makes me want to play the game. I knew it couldn't be a big heaping pile of ish. People are just expecting way to much from the direction they are going. There are multiple platforms and different types of resident evil games. Look at revelations

brettyd1985d ago

It's pretty fun to play co-op with friends. Definitely has a lot of flaws though.

LaWiiG1984d ago

What would you say those flaws are? Primarily in the gameplay, or with other areas? It seems if that were the case, why not just get Operation raccoon City?

IWentBrokeForGaming1985d ago

I've been seeing massive piles of this game at retailers all over...