Daily Reaction: Does Sony Need a Kinect-Style Camera on PS4?

With more and more rumors, and PSLS-uncovered patents, pointing towards a Kinect-style camera in the works at SCE, it’s likely that Sony is considering adding such a device to the PS4, especially when you consider the runaway sales success the Kinect sensor has been. With that in mind, the Daily Reaction super group of Sebastian Oravasaari and Dan Moss discuss what it could mean for Sony, and what it could mean for you. - PSLS

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GribbleGrunger2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

It's unbelievable the way the media rewrite history and now they're doing it before it happens

doogiebear2020d ago

If it's cheap, already comes in the box with the ps4, and actually works (unlike kinect) then I don't care if they add it. My GF would like that anyway. And besides, there would be no kinect if it were not for the original Eyetoy. So yeah, Sony is totally within means to create it even if MS cries foul.

wastedcells2020d ago

The tech needs to be better. Kinect games are horrible but it's a nice first attempt at something that could be really cool one day.

dbjj120882019d ago

Why wouldn't Sony add functionality to match their competitors?

ftwrthtx2020d ago

The original PlayStation Eyetoy did quite a bit of the same stuff that Kinect does, so why not improve on the PS Eye?

Foolsjoker2020d ago

Similar concepts but worlds different. Like a Mercedes vs a Pinto. Both drive, but the tech is vastly different.

ftwrthtx2020d ago

I wouldn't say vastly different and it's more like a 1990's Benz vs a 2012 Benz.

Xof2020d ago

Er, no, the tech is virtually identical.

The software is different. Slightly.

The coding might be vastly different. Maybe.

Army_of_Darkness2020d ago

by at least making it 1080p resolution this time.. I still cant understand why the ps eye for the ps3 isn't even 720p?!?!

WiiLovePS3602020d ago


"Er, no, the tech is virtually identical. "

I'm sorry but that is just showing your ignorance on the technology present in both the PSEye and Kinect.

The PSEye is a regular webcam. The Kinect is a regular webcam combined with an infrared projector and camera. Kinect uses the infrared and second camera to form 3D images which are then used to track movement in 3 dimensions. This combined with the 2D webcam allows Kinect to "see" in 3 dimensions.

The PSEye can detect movement through software algorithms that compare each frame to the previous frame and find differences. Unfortunately this has many limitations, such as anything moving in the field of view such as pets or curtains will be registered as changes and can affect how the game/application is affected.

This is why the PS Move "wand" controller is needed to get 3D tracking out of the PSEye - the glowing sphere on the "wand" is a known size that never changes so the software can determine where and how far it moves based on the change in size of the glowing sphere on the "wand". It is essentially "faked" 3 dimensional tracking - taking a photo, finding the glowing sphere and recording its size and position, taking another photo 1/60th of a second later, finding the glowing sphere again and recording its size and position, and comparing the 2 photos (frames) to determine the direction of movement on the X, Y, and Z axis.

Kinect is also able to work under low-light situations due to the infrared not requiring light to function.

They are both cameras, but the technology behind them both is worlds apart.

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BitbyDeath2020d ago

They need a better camera that much is certain.

doctorstrange2020d ago

Bring on mind control already

HeavenlySnipes2020d ago

For what? Lets be real, the Kinect and Move aren't going to be something people will invest in next gen simply because they do nothing other than give people a few seconds to amazement over there use. Yes I've played shooters with the Move, and while they are fun in the campaigns and all, their really isn't a universal use for the device. I want RPG's, platformers etc.. that not only utilize both devices, but do so well enough to make their purchase worthwhile.

I don't see t happening even with an improved Kinect or Move. Plus all that would do would increase the cost of the system if it were to come with the motion device bundled

Foolsjoker2020d ago

You might want to actually read the article, most of what you say is covered.

doctorstrange2019d ago

Wait, you're meant to read articles on N4G and *then* comment?!

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