Five Saturn games we want to see go downloadable

What with the release of NiGHTS into Dreams on PSN and XBLA, we were wondering: “What other Saturn games would be great on modern digital platforms?”

Now it’s actually a tougher question to answer than one might think. If I had it my way, about 80 to 90 percent of Saturn games would be updated and re-released on modern systems and my first thoughts for this list were games like Shining Force III, Dark Savior and Enemy Zero. But really, what games would actually work on platforms such as XBLA and PSN?

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NiteX2049d ago

I just want some Dragoon

darthv722049d ago

all 3 are good in their own respect. If you have a 360 you can play #4 right now.

FriedGoat2049d ago

Panzer dragoon saga hands down.

DivineAssault 2049d ago

i could think of 10 btr saturn games that need to be remastered n downloadable

darthv722049d ago

BUG. that was a cool side/psudo 3d platform game.

As for sega rally, it seems sega had an issue with licensing that caused them to have to pull that one as well as outrun online.

you cant get them anymore but those who bought them prior or downloaded the demo prior to sega pulling them can still play the game.

there have actually been quite a few saturn games made for xbla and psn. I would find it tough to center on just 5.

caseh2049d ago

Burning Rangers would be nice. Dragon Force should have been in there somewhere as well.

MNGamer-N2049d ago

Dragon Force was an amazing game for the Saturn, top 5 for sure.

shaun mcwayne2049d ago

Powerstone would be ideal, as its a 4 player.

darthv722049d ago

dc but i agree. Its a good series that should make a comeback.

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