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Interview: Reggie's Take On What the Wii U Offers Over the Competition

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently sat down with Brian Dudeley from The Seattle Times and gave his opinion on the Wii U’s most-talked-about features, and how the Wii U will succeed out of the many competitors in the next-generation console race.

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claud31560d ago

It offers


ChickeyCantor1559d ago

Please go away with your stupid definitions.

WiiUalpha1559d ago

Just look over this guy. They have an avatar showing off some chics chest yet if you look into their post history they are constantly coming out against sexism.

-Mika-1560d ago

Reggie smile is so creepy...

mike1up1560d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

But he's not wearing a tie, and he has a video game playing in the background. So, that means that he understands me.

ScubbaSteve1559d ago

That's exactly who my mother warned me about when I was a kid!

AJBACK2FRAG1559d ago

It reaches his eyes. I like him. That Nintendo TV sure is strong stuff! I just can't wait.

BitbyDeath1559d ago

Reggie is not Rated E for Everyone

claud31560d ago

Creepy... is an under statement

He is like " come here and choose "

IWentBrokeForGaming1559d ago

I just hope devs embrace your controller Reggie, cause if they don't... your gaming line up will look as lame as the Wii's!

I want to say Sony has stuff figured out by now. They put Sixaxis in PS3 controllers for devs to use, now it's JUST THERE collecting dust and not being utilized. Im more bummed of Sixaxis support more than I am Move support, mainly for the simple fact Sixaxis is IN EVERY CONTROLLER.

I don't blame Sony for trying out Sixaxis or Move, and I don't care about Moves sales numbers like a lot of people on n4g. The lack of the support/sales for both, simply shows me that Sonys fans just DON'T like that kind of stuff!

WiiUalpha1559d ago

Highest rated exclusive this gen, Most exclusive games, Highest sales of games, The only system with an open world JRPG..

BTW love how you claim not getting support will make the library look like Wii's then for examples you name off Sony products.

Sure Sixaxis and Moved bombed and that is okay but dont dare let the same happen to Wii u gamepad or its an issue?

I think what you should have said was" as lame as Moves library" since between the Wii and Move, It was the Wii that got support and the Move that didnt.I mean as far as motion sensing libraries go, and using your own logic Wii's library is far superior to that of the Move and if you want to name off an example of a failure they should try to avoid, that is clearly Move.

Of course let's skip over Moves limitations and lack of software and simply stick it on Wii like its only a problem for that console

IWentBrokeForGaming1559d ago

So Wii wasn't hindered by little to none 3rd party dev support because of its controller?

That's what I was getting at...

Move was an option, the console itself wasn't hindered by Move like Wii getting tons more dev support was hindered by the controler!

Big difference in how both are lackluster!

MacDonagh1559d ago

It's true that Reggie looks kinda creepy, but so does any other video game head. Jack Tretton, Robbie Bach, Peter Moore, Kotick are all kinda creepy as well.

But this is all irrelevant. How about actually talking about the story for once?

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