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Nintendo says no, then yes, now no AGAIN on LEGO City: Undercover's multiplayer feature.

"Does LEGO City: Undercover have a multiplayer option?

About 2 weeks ago now, I posted how Nintendo representatives had been back and forth on LEGO City: Undercover having some form of multiplayer, because the fact sheet for the game showed, "Players: 1-2", while the official page for the game showed, "No. of Players: 1". I waited patiently on responses from Nintendo representatives, and Jeremy, from NintendoFuse.com, even offered to send an email asking for clarification.

We both received two different responses though. The response Jeremy received basically said that LEGO City: Undercover does not have a multiplayer feature. The response I received, a few days after his, told me to refer to the fact sheet for the game which said, "Players: 1-2".

After receiving the two responses, I posted up the "Grounds for Celebration! Award - LEGO City: Undercover" and "LEGO City: Undercover to feature multiplayer? Nintendo says no, then yes?" posts that covered the issue and responses... (Lego: City Undercover, Wii U)

-Mika-  +   1090d ago
Typical nintendo. This is why im not buying a WiiU. They just don't know how to do anything modern. It like their always years behind the competition.
jjdoyle  +   1090d ago
I dont even have ones reserveds and they cant provide straight answers on stuff no helping any
ChickeyCantor  +   1090d ago
How did you go from "Nintendo says no, then yes, now no AGAIN " to " They just don't know how to do anything modern"?

Nintendo isn't developing this game. They are only publishing it. Perhaps it's time for you to get "Modern" and educate yourself.
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Moncole  +   1090d ago
Trolls cant get educated.
-Mika-  +   1090d ago
And as a publisher. They have a say in what features the game should have since they're investing money into it.

There have been many developers this gen that was forced to add multiplayer into their game because of the publishers.

Now nintendo was most likely being cheap because they didn't want to pay for the servers or they're trying to rush the game.
ChickeyCantor  +   1089d ago
We don't know what features are in there. So on what crack are you running?

You keep assuming stuff to fill the hate for Nintendo.

Why not stay away and focus on your Sony brand?
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wampdog29  +   1089d ago

Actually, you may want to go and read up on what the Trine 2 Developer is saying about Nintendo. They seem to not really boss devs around much. They aren't EA or Activision....
Baka-akaB  +   1089d ago
"Now nintendo was most likely being cheap because they didn't want to pay for the servers or they're trying to rush the game. "

or the dev just realized they didnt want mp or couldnt do it right for this particular game .

I have to wonder , did you say the same thing for the likes of Vanquish , or you are just foaming as usual at the sight of the name Nintendo ?
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mike1up  +   1089d ago
Typical -Mika-, foaming at the mouth and looking for easy prey.

"They just don't know how to do anything modern. It like their always years behind the competition."

Are ALL single-player games considered ancient by your standards, or just Nintendo's? I only ask because Sony, and Microsoft, have single-player games too. So, what the hell are you talking about?
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metroid32  +   1089d ago
Are u about 10 years old if not how embarrassing m8 Nintendo have a 3ds selling close to 20 million all ready and have wiiu a proper HD console with Nextgen graphics out at christmas with Nintendo TVii and a ton of services and MiiVerse with video chat ect and that's what you call behind well you Sony fanboys are very immature.
corrus  +   1089d ago
Nintendo are crazy first no then yes and now no again they are crazy
CaptainN  +   1089d ago
Nintendo didn't even make the game, yet your already coming out with your torch to start a little flame war against Nintendo. If it doesnt have multiplayer, thats due to the developer who made the game, not Nintendo who is only publishing the game exclusively on Nintendo platforms. How can Nintendo be behind the times because they dont have 100% confirmation from the games developer ??? It's responses like this, that make us all a little dumber on N4G !!!
dark-hollow  +   1089d ago
I will buy two Wii u's.
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GraveLord  +   1089d ago
The fact that they're avoiding the question is grounds for suspicion. What are they hiding?
mike1up  +   1089d ago
They should just say Yo, or, why not Nes?
omarzy  +   1089d ago
I don't want multiplayer in this game. I don't think it would be that amazing, and it just end up like other games that had the single player suffer due to too much time being put into a multiplayer mode that nobody played. The single player looks fun. Focus everything on that.
Gamer-Z  +   1089d ago
why hasn't Nintendo shown any footage of the Wii U's online features?
Gohadouken  +   1089d ago
That's one of the first things they've shown on wii u so far , so i dont get your meaning there .

From day one they showed and hyped , badly or really well , features like integrated social medias and chatting . And outside of games , Tv features .
GhostHero333  +   1089d ago
miiverse is not the online features everybody wants to know about. Most people who are getting the wii plan to play online with others so yeah social medias is for my phone and computer.
GreenRanger  +   1089d ago
Didn't you know?
Daniel Bryan is the new CEO of Nintendo.
Drainage  +   1089d ago
Hopefully this is just a launch game thing . So far Zombiu and now Lego are both offline which is lame.
Neonridr  +   1089d ago
well ZombiU has offline multiplayer. But I would wait for the inevitable ZombiU 2 for the online components. If the Lego game wasn't designed for co-op then I can't really complain about it. I played through all of Lego Harry Potter by myself, with no complaints.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1089d ago
Maybe I'm missing something. Lego games are usually couch multiplayer, right? Even the Wii version of Lord of the Rings will have it. If Undercover has couch multiplayer on PS3 and 360 then the Wii U will too, and would hopefully do the nifty one person plays on the GamePad thing ala CoD.

If we're talking about online multiplayer, I'd be surprised if the Wii U didn't have it if the Ps3 and 360 do, but that's definitely more up in the air.
Neonridr  +   1089d ago
"If Undercover has couch multiplayer on PS3 and 360, then the Wii U will too"

You do realize that Nintendo published this game, therefore you will not see it on another platform. This game is only coming out for the Wii U.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1089d ago
LOL. Ah, I didn't realize they were the publishers... Well, I knew I was missing something. Thanks for the heads up :)

The game looks really cool but it hasn't been announced in my region yet so I haven't been following it too closely.
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deafdani  +   1089d ago
That doesn't necessarily means Lego City Undercover won't be appearing on other platforms, ever. It all depends on how the publishing contract was made. There could also be loopholes to take advantage of.

Take Mass Effect, for example. The first game was published by Microsoft, and still, PS3 gamers will be getting it with the Mass Effect Trilogy which is coming soon for both Xbox 360 and PS3.
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deafdani  +   1088d ago
Two disagrees for stating a fact. Nice. Really, the voting system on N4G isn't worth anything if people don't use it properly.
Neonridr  +   1088d ago
@deafdani, you are right with Mass Effect eventually showing up on PS3. I guess if they have a multi-year exclusivity deal then eventually it could show up on other consoles, however I can't see Lego City Underground being the main draw on say the 720/PS4. I would imagine there are some other Lego games to explore first. Nothing against this game though, I plan on getting this when it launches.
DivineAssault  +   1089d ago
I dont think the wii u will have a very strong network based on all these games omitting the feature.. Some of which have no reason not to have it.. That is one of the main reasons holding me back from buying this system.. If i find out it has a good network that lets u talk to ppl during play, & more games 3rd party games come in, ill gladly buy it... With a whole bunch of accessories too.. Clear the fog N, i cant see what ur trying to sell me here
GhostHero333  +   1089d ago
This is why I dont believe that the multiplayer is ready or any good on the Wii U.
WiiUalpha  +   1089d ago
Because Nintendo doesnt know if a game they arent making has online means the online is crap? Pretty big jump there if you ask me. I wonder if you always make such huge leaps. If a car has a flat does that mean the car manufacturer is clueless? If my battery dies in my MP3 player does that make the MP3 player garbage? If I get a bad madcats controller does that mean my Pc sucks?
taquito  +   1089d ago
so excited for the wii u, please let there be some 1080p castlevania, metroid, baten kaitos, eternal darkness games within 6 months!!!

also, monster hunter in 1080p, ummm....yes...please!
stuntman_mike  +   1089d ago
more than 1 player is multiplayer.

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