Microsoft confirms cash for Xbox content in Windows 8, Microsoft Points remain for Xbox 360

The Verge writes: "Earlier this week The Verge reported that Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system now defaults to local currency for music and video downloads or rentals. The software giant has now confirmed the change to us, revealing that local currency will be the primary method in Windows 8 to purchase and access Xbox content. "Current Xbox Live customers may also make a purchase using points," says a Microsoft spokesperson."

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claud32230d ago ShowReplies(2)
iamnsuperman2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Well it would be a bit random and late to transition now. This is a clear step that the point system is being faded out (possibly no points in the next xbox) which is a good thing

ChunkyLover532230d ago

I actually agree, why would they change it 7 years in? Its probably a safe bet that the Xbox 720 will use a different money system.

I don't mind MS Points, I like not having to pay tax on my purchases, since I get a lot of content, that'd be a lot of taxes.

I understand some people don't like having odd amounts of points, but I've never really had odd amounts, I usually keep at least 100 as a balance.

trouble_bubble2230d ago

I don't pay tax on PSN either.

eferreira2230d ago

I dont pay taxes on the wii or ps3. Only 3ds. Why get ripped off with those points.

Ryo-Hazuki2230d ago

I don't pay taxes on PSN either. If a game is 9.99 then I'm paying 9.99 exactly

lashes2ashes2230d ago

Come on. No body likes ms points, why are they still being used.

ScubbaSteve2230d ago

Because when you have to purchase 10$ to buy an 8$ game that lets Microsoft keep 2$ in the bank which they can invest into their own projects. If you multiply the remaining balances across all the customers it adds up.

humbleopinion2229d ago

Actually, if you buy games directly on the service you can assign a credit card / paypal account and then charge the exact value in your own currency. You don't have to buy prepaid cards (not to mention that today Amazon offers online codes with anything from 400 points to 4000 points).

I don't understand why people don't like this system: a smart customer will take advantage of exchange rate differences, or buy points when they are offered on sale from different retailers (I usually get 50$ worth of points for 40$). Once Microsoft locks you down with exact dollar value you will never be able to have this freedom to buy the points from wherever you want.

MAJ0R2230d ago

Some people say it's so there are easier currency conversions for different countries, but those people have to spend money to buy them with their own currency anyways, so the difference seems negligible to me...

Maybe it's a cheap attempt at trying to make someone think they are spending less than they actually are?

nukeitall2230d ago

"Come on. No body likes ms points, why are they still being used."

I like MS Points a lot because I can almost always buy them at a heavy discount, usually in the range of 20-25% discount.

Never been able to buy any other "currencies" at a discount on any other platform.

Frankfurt2230d ago

Only crazy people want it converted to real money.

With MS points cards, you could buy them at insane discounts, getting a $50 card for $30. With real money, those $50 worth of content will COST YOU ACTUAL $50.

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PopRocks3592230d ago

I guess selling me 360 was a proper move.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

It's like I seen this coming 3 years ago. I wonder who has my old 360 now.

They also don't mention the fact that xbox live is free to any pc gamer who (for some reason) would be interested in buying pc games their over steam.

same features but free on windows 8.

I like their new direction with live.

TalesFromTheBud2230d ago

ive never seen an issue with ms points... its not that hard to figure out.

ItsTrue2230d ago

For me, that wasn't the issue. Lets say I buy 1500 MS points.So I want to buy some DLC which on average costs 800 MS points. So If I buy one, I'll have 700 MS points left, which is just short of buying another piece of DLC.
That's the only problem I see with it to be honest.

Jag-T10002230d ago

Who buys 1500 points? They only sell 1600 cards and 4000 cards.

ItsTrue2230d ago

Not in NZ,they come in 1500,3000 and 4000.

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