Resident Evil 6 replaces fear with tension; for the best

Tim Nunes from writes, "It's no longer important why Capcom decided to change its fourth installment to the Resident Evil franchise, but it's difficult to determine where those changes will ultimately take the series. The fifth title then enhanced those gameplay changes in an attempt to “modernize” it further. However, the survival-horror aspects had all but disappeared from their original intent. Capcom may now be onto something with Resident Evil 6 by delivering an experience that re-kindles some of those old feelings from the past titles: tension."

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claud32018d ago

Now they do away with this stupid thing... So late

TimNunes2018d ago

Resident Evil 4 introduced me to the series, so this gameplay style is kind of unique to me. It's understandable that the old style is close to the hearts of many fans, but this style is much more fresh and useable in modern gaming. It's hard to really create fear in this generation, but tension is much easier, and it essentially does the same thing that fear once did: bottleneck the limiting controls to create hectic tension. Resident Evil 6 is on the right track, but it still has a LOOOONG way to go.

lastdual2018d ago

The problem is that it's gone backwards since RE4. RE4 wasn't a jumble of QTEs and cutscenes where half the time you're fighting the camera instead of the zombies. RE4 had more atmosphere, more exploration, and damnit, it had inventory tetris!

claud32018d ago

RES 5.... What's that

jc485732018d ago

it's been like that since 4.

Megaton2018d ago

Yeah, that's when this started. I feel like the only person on the planet who didn't like RE4.

aquamala2018d ago

Fans of RE1-3 didn't like 4 either. They've been complaining since 1999

legionsoup2018d ago

I loved RE1, 2, 3, Code Veronica, REmake, Zero, but when I played 4....I was blown away. They are all great games.

Pozzle2017d ago

I liked the old RE games and I also liked RE4...but I'd also say that RE5 and RE6 aren't exactly improvements on the RE4 formula, which is what I think a lot of people are upset about. Capcom set great foundations with RE4 and could have made some incredible RE games after that.

Kyosuke_Sanada2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

It changed genres for sales full stop. It isn't to fit the story,bring anything new to the survival horror genre or take it to the next level. Please don't make it sound it was necessary for the series because Resident Evil was never on it's last legs due to long-time fans.

TimNunes2018d ago

Oh, it wasn't necessary, really. But, it also probably wouldn't have appealed to many new people. Point being, the industry itself is too action-oriented and impatient to properly support an old-fashioned Resident Evil title.

Kyosuke_Sanada2018d ago

I do agree with you on it adjusting to accommodate the modern age but there are ways to do it. Resident Evil 4 opened up a ton of potential for the series direction gameplay wise but a few tweaks could have made it cater to both old and new in my opinion.

Deadly Premonition showed this with it's mixture of camera angles and over the shoulder view while Amnesia (a rather tired example I know) showed that you can teach an old dog new tricks by using elements from both Eternal Darkness and Haunting Ground but adding their flair to it.

What I am saying is, too many games this generation play exactly alike and judged more on budget and popularity more than gameplay and individuality. All I want a game that feels that I am playing it's genre beyond just including monsters and grotesque kills.

cleft52018d ago

The problem is that Capcom believed that the RE games could do a lot better sales wise than what they currently where doing if they moved away from the survival horror stuff. People are so quick to talk about RE4, but how insulting is that to Capcom to hear people go on and on about RE4 when RE5 was released and did a lot better sales than RE4 did. The truth is that when CoD sold 9 million copies in 2 weeks that changed everything in the game industry.

Developers where forced to see that their is a much bigger audience out there than the core audience that they had and now you have all of these developers chasing after the casual audience. RE6 will probably sale better than RE5 making it the best selling RE game in the series. If this happens than you guys can forget all about playing a survival horror RE game because the series will become an Action game. As an action game RE6 has a lot of good ideas but the execution is poorly done in a lot of places. Still the game is good and this is the direction the series is going to take. If anything RE7 will be even more over the top and easier to play than RE6.

Kyosuke_Sanada2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I have already given up on the Resident Evil series honestly, and I would love to look forward to playing a new horror on this generation but the like you said before, every horror has become more action-oriented to take in piece of the pie. Now I play my PC to play my favourite genre which isn't a bad thing but other than Zwei which if it remain a "pure survival horror" there is virtually nothing really for me to go back to my Playstation 3 get my fix other than fighting games and old school downloads.

I know I am ranting so sorry to be wasting both of your time. It's just after playing Siren: Blood Curse, my hopes for the future in horror was bright (or dark so to speak)....

cleft52017d ago

No need to apologize, sometimes we all need to rant some. I can state how things are but I don't like the way the video game industry is going and like you I find myself moving more and more towards PC gaming. I try to accept games for how they are, but I too have given up on a lot of franchises.

CanadianTurtle2018d ago

I don't understand how people can justify Resident Evil 6 by comparing it to Resident Evil4. It is nothing like that masterpiece. RE4 did have a bit more emphasis on action, but the game was still a horror game. And as a gamer, you felt satisfied because you got what you came for. A survival horror game!

RE6 was what I consider a game that is fun to play through because of the story progression, but it has serious gameplay issues. And the fact that the atmosphere was just not there most of the time. Even if Leon's campaign had it done just "good" at best. Theres a lot of room for improvements.

Thats right Capcom, just take a longterm franchise and add a halfhat sequel hoping to make a quick buck.