NA PlayStation Store Update 10/9/12

Posted by Grace Chen // Director, PlayStation Store -

Dishonored is available today on the PlayStation Store, and if you pre-ordered it you should have received your dynamic theme. There are a few other PS3 full games out today, including Birds of Steel, Naughty Bear, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes and a Devil May Cry HD Collection (complete with Trophy support). Another fine addition to the PS Store is the next installment of The Walking Dead episodic adventure. Fans of the series will be happy to hear that Episode 4 – Around Every Corner, is now available.
The latest game to hop on the Cross-Buy trend, if you purchase Retro City Rampage on PSN or PS Vita, you’ll be able to download the other version at no additional cost. Although there are only a few PSone classics being added to the PS Vita store this week, there are several other PS Vita titles releasing today including Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, Spy Hunter and Sunflowers.

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Relientk771871d ago

Downloading the XCOM demo now

Abdou231871d ago

didn't know there was a demo for that, will definitely be checking it out, right now Downloading Dishonored :)

Relientk771871d ago

Nice Dishonored looks fantastic, seems like a good choice to me

Campy da Camper1870d ago

Picked it up yesterday. Its one of those rare games when I am sitting here at work counting minutes until I can go home to play it. 540 left ugh.

wishingW3L1871d ago

If you like Suikoden II then Saiyuki: Journey West is the game for you! Nice to see so many old-school JRPGs on the PSN. =)

Xof1871d ago

I'd rather have Suikoden II, thanks.

Relientk771871d ago

I have Saiyuki, but not Suikoden because of it being $100+ for PS1


MoveTheGlow1870d ago

Thanks for the rec! I'll check it out, Wishing.

Fel081871d ago

Finally, The Walking Dead Episode 4 for me. WOOT WOOT

profgerbik1870d ago

Still no Ecolibrium in America.. Sigh.. No Frobisher either..

r211870d ago

Yeah, I've been looking for gameplay on youtube and people have already been playing it for a few months now :L Why arent these games on the American store yet?

profgerbik1870d ago

No idea SCEA being suck I guess.

GhostHero3331870d ago

still no legend of the dragoon for my vita. :(

danimitsu1870d ago

Legend of Dragoon works on Vita.

GhostHero3331870d ago

But only if you have a ps3 to transfer it. I dont have a ps3, I just want to download it from psn straight from my Vita.

danimitsu1870d ago

@GhostHero - ah, thanks for letting me know. I didnt realize it wasnt on the store. I'd let you put your PSN on my PS3 if I could :( If one of your friends has a PS3, try putting your acct there and transferring it. Legend of Dragoon is amazing :)

Soldierone1870d ago

Does MGS work on Vita? Don't want to buy it and attempt to transfer if it doesnt (since I still have the disc and don't need it for any other reason)

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