Frontlines: Fuel of War multiplayer demo released on to Xbox Live

Major Nelson announced this morning that a another demo for Frontlines: Fuel of War has been released on to the Xbox Live Marketplace. This demo will be multiplayer only and features up to 32 players which have over 60 weapons and vehicles at their disposal.

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Rocko3752d ago

Will update with impressions after playing.

Rocko3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Well the graphics suck, the maps/weapons are generic. Feels like BF2:MC toned down. Except with the "frontline" gimmick. You capture points on the map to gain territory and move your teams line foward. Worst of all is the lag. Multiple times I was standing in front of an enemy firing my assault rifle, the bullets were coming out but no damage was being done. It took 3-4 seconds for the hits to register. Keep in mind I was at point blank range, trying to shoot someone far away or moving would be impossible.

Final verdict: This game=modern Hour of Victory.

bumnut3752d ago

i really want to try this one, single player demo was poor, but they usually are for this type of game

mesh13752d ago

omg the beta rux hahahahaha gonna download it now

Captain Tuttle3752d ago

But I'm cautiously optimistic about the MP.

predator3752d ago

great shall get it once i finnsihed work, i didnt really like Sp but if MP is good then i will buy it just for that.

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The story is too old to be commented.