Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Review (Xbox 360)

Want to capture your game footage in style? This bad boy will do the trick.

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xpgINSANITY2024d ago

Live in the USA? Get one today for $129.99 at Sale ends tomorrow!!!!

--Your welcome :)

ExoHazMatt2024d ago

What about my welcome? :-)

I had the first edition of this PVR and while the hardware was good, the software that came with it left a lot to be desired. And it didn't support HDMI, so that kinda sucked. Hopefully both of those issues are solved with PVR 2.

xpgINSANITY2024d ago

I have both. Elgato is better because it has a better software and a dvr style recorder. But the PVR2 is cheaper. All about price for people.

Too see samples from both cards hit my Youtube channel.

Plagasx2024d ago

Is it better than Roxio's new recorder???

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