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Game analysts believe PS4 arrives before Xbox 720

It’s not just gamers that are waiting on new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The Xbox 720 and PS4 are being patiently awaited on by investors in these publicly traded companies as well. In anticipation of another round of lackluster sales data from the NPD, Michael Pachter has issued his sentiments on the state of the gaming industry. (Industry, Michael Pachter, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Sony)

NastyLeftHook0  +   687d ago
whenever it releases im buying it day 1!
camel_toad  +   686d ago
Me too but it feels to me like Sony is pushing its hardest to make the ps3 an extremely worthwhile console to own, more so than ever - while it seems like Microsoft's support for the 360 has been pulling back slowly for a while now.

Makes me think that the 720/xbox3 isn't too far off.
BitbyDeath  +   686d ago
Hasn't MS been pretty quiet since 2009 though?
That is probably just how MS roll.
hennessey86  +   687d ago
That wouldn't surprise me
I am sure Sony thought they would have surpassed Microsoft in sales by now. They will not want to give Microsoft a head start next gen, can't wait for them both to be honest.
GribbleGrunger  +   687d ago
I can't agree with this assessment. There is absolutely no reason or no genuine signs that Sony will 'definitely' release first.

I want to consider something... It's not what 'is' going to happen but what 'could possibly' happen. Sony are making money on the PS3/PS2/PSP/PSVita/PSMobile and money is key here to Sony's business, not some jumped up race that the media have created and fanboys lap up.

This is what I would do if I was Sony: I would let Microsoft have next gen for free... yep, that's right 'for free'. I would carry on selling the Vita and the PS3, spur the sales with price cuts and support from first party devs. I would inform major devs that that was my strategy and sit back to watch my money role in.

Three years into the 720s lifecycle I would announce my next gen console, thus immediately making the 720 a last gen console because of the three year gap. Think it through and don't just disagree. Because the PS3 and the Wiiu are on the market, devs would want to make games for all three consoles, so they wouldn't push the 720 hardware to the limit. They would deliberately dumb it down to enable balance of quality across all three platforms.

A Year before the PS4 released, I would begin streaming video and perhaps demos of PS4 games through Gaikai onto the Vita and the PS3. I would also stream them to social networks such as Facebook and PS branded hardware such as Wikipad. This would build a fanbase up before it released and give people reason to hold onto their PS3s even if they've now bought a 720.
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maniacmayhem  +   686d ago
Hmmmm, I don't know if that is such a good strategy.

"I would inform major devs that that was my strategy and sit back to watch my money role in."

Money from what? There wouldn't be any major increase of sales and price cutting the ps3 again?? I doubt the overall profit would be substantial in the long run.

"They would deliberately dumb it down to enable balance of quality across all three platforms"

But what if the WiiU has quality on par with the 720? Three years into a console's life cycle is a big head start and we have already seen games now that completely blow the first wave/release games of this gen consoles.
Leaving Ps3 out that long would only show it's age just like when there were multiplats for 360, PS3 and Wii. You could see the Wii was inferior to the 360/Ps3.
What if devs figure there just isn't any real reason to port to the ps3 and it makes better sense to have multiplats for 720 and WiiU only, this would further cripple Sony.

Like I said, three years is a long time. Sony gave MS a a year head start and they are still playing catch up. Three years would be devastating. Plus that is three full years for MS and Nintendo to build it's brand and a strong community. You think consumers are going to wait three years after WiiU and 720 for the PS4? Maybe the sony faithfuls but I wouldn't gamble on them making the Ps4 a launch success.

I own all three consoles and even i admit that it was a waste of money and I will definitely not be doing that again for next gen. I'm sure there are others out there that feel the same.

"it would be Microsoft that then would have to play catch up when they finally release their fourth machine."

Are third parties willing to make games specifically for PS4 and its strengths. What if the ports/multiplats are dumbed down for the ps4 due to the 720/WiiU having the higher install base?

"The PS3/PS2/PSP/PSVita/PSMobile will earn them plenty of money in the mean time."

I seriously disagree with this, the Vita isn't doing the numbers they expected. The Ps2/PSP may be selling but I doubt it's enough to rely on and is Sony even manufacturing these anymore? And how long will the Ps3 last when the 720 and WiiU is out, I don't think the PS3 will see the expanded life cycle the ps2 had. Sony is in trouble as a whole and their gaming division is the only thing that has been successful, to let MS and Nintendo have the next gen for free is suicide.
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GribbleGrunger  +   686d ago
But they wouldn't be playing catch up. Like I said: 'let them have that gen for free'. The PS3/PS2/PSP/PSVita/PSMobile will earn them plenty of money in the mean time.

If Sony release their fourth machine three years after Microsoft release their third, it would be Microsoft that then would have to play catch up when they finally release their fourth machine. The time is right for Sony to pull this switch.
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BitbyDeath  +   686d ago
Problem with that is a lot of people want new technology now, not 3 years down the road.

I don't think your plan would work.
GalacticEmpire  +   687d ago
I can see the headlines now...

"Sony rush out PS4"
"Gamers hold off buying PS4 for 720"

If MS release first it will be...

"MS beat Sony to the punch, again"
"gamers won't wait for PS4"

I'm not saying that the media is biased against Sony just that those are the kind of headlines that will hit the N4G frontpage quickest.
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Kenjifirera  +   686d ago
So true...
EVILDEAD360  +   686d ago
Are you pretending that there won't be negative MS articles as well.

If you are then you missed this entire gen.

BitbyDeath  +   686d ago
I think they'll both hit around the same time.
zero_cool  +   686d ago
I highly doubt it!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!
taquito  +   686d ago
there will be no new xbox or no ps4

someone is gonna bow out, i have this terrible feeling that its gonna be just ms and nintendo, i'd rather it be just sony and nintendo, but i don't think BOTH sony and ms are going to even bother with next gen consoles, someone is gonna say f-it
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   685d ago
I strongly don't feel that the PS4 will release before the 720.

Sony is still hitting hard with exclusives (even though this holiday season won't see any heavy hitters) going into early next year. Sony have also redesigned the PS3 yet again to generate a larger profit from the PS3 sku. Sony will wait until the profits made from the new PS3 sku have peeked at a certain point (only known to them) before they give the green light on PS4 production. I am sure Sony are working on the hardware and most likely have their artists constructing how the casings will look and all the components as well.

BUT...MS have been quite for a long time now only releasing their standard Halo, Forza and Fable titles. The 360 has been selling well and has been making a solid profit for several years straight now. XBL is making a TON of money for them and the devkit has already been in the hands of developers for a year at least.

I predict MS will announce the 720 in 2013 and release the 720 late 2013 or early 2014.

Sony will release either late 2014 or early 2015.

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