Yellow Dog 6.0 for PS3

Terrasoft is releasing Yellow Dog v6.0

Yellow Dog Linux v6.0 Delivery Schedule

1. Available from Enhanced accounts and pre-installed with Sony
PS3s -- Tuesday, February 5, 2008.
2. Available from the Terra Soft Store -- Monday, February 18, 2008.
3. Available from the public mirrors -- Monday, March 3, 2008.

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mighty_douche3783d ago

So... is this free for anywhere??

Kishin3783d ago

"3. Available from the public mirrors -- Monday, March 3, 2008." says it all

Vitalogy3783d ago

This is a bunch of crap. Linux is more like windows now, i mean, if you want a copy you pay for it.

I was looking at terrasoft website and i saw YDL 6.0 for sale with a 6 months license. what the hell is that, linux wasn't supposed to be free!?

All the advertising agains the monopoly of M$ and Win and after all, linux are getting the same way.

What's next? Shut down the Open Office and price it!?

Think about it guys!

mighty_douche3783d ago

did you read, its avaliable from the 3 of march free.

Terrasoft charge not for linux itself but for the 6 months SUPPORT they give you with it, they also supply it on a DVD with all the paperwork to go along with it. You epect them to give you all of that for nothing???

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MaJiKaLL3783d ago

Torrent. im sure sum1 will put it as a torrent, jus keep an eye out on

Kain813783d ago

will come Pre-installed in all PS3s that awesome news.
i hope they making it for PSP too.

Guys i heard a rumor that Divx will come on PSP too is that true?

Ju3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

I think they mean pre-installed if you buy a PS3 thru TerraSoft.

They should package the DVD and distribute it thru the game channels to reach a wider audience.

ELite_Ghost3782d ago

DivX already came out for psp

Vitalogy3783d ago

Awesome news were if sony put YDL on PSN to download FOR FREE and not like terrasoft has on his website, buying ydl 6.0 with 6 months license.

Linux wasn't supposed to be free?

Most of the PS3 users don't really care about another OS on their PS3, but some would like to try it out just to see how it works or just for simply curiosity.

Bebedora3783d ago

Of course you can download YDL for free - from their website. You can click yourself to a mirror site with the proper iso:s to download.

What you buy is support and possibly shipping of media. It is optional.

prunchess3783d ago

I won't be installing this untill they start supporting and running the wi-fi on the ps3.

mighty_douche3783d ago

Thats a fair comment!

Personally im still waiting for sony to allow them to use both the RSX and SPU's (Cell). But i dont see either happening anytime soon.

Wi-Fi would be really handy though!

Bebedora3783d ago

The spu:s are programmable as of the release of the PS3. libspe and now libspe2 is possible to use. The RSX will probably never happend though. I can only see a possible jump in gfx with help of the spe:s.

Status of wi-fi I don't know much about though.

Ju3783d ago

What's the problem with WiFi ? It works since YDL 5. Same with the SPUs. It comes with the latest CELL SDK 3.0, full SPU gcc compilers included.

Interesting is, that they have DualShock controller support now. I am curious if this is thru blue tooth or USB, though. I am also curious, if blue tooth mouse/kb now works without a hazel.

Gotta try that out next week. And I also hope I can boot it thru petitboot.

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