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Submitted by Relientk77 1217d ago | opinion piece

Dishonored: 26 things to do in the first hour

GamesRadar - First hour, no power. What can you do for fun?

Dishonored 's main attraction is using your set of supernatural abilities in clever ways. But for the first hour, you don't have any of them. What are you supposed to do for fun? Let our handy kick start guide assist you in your quest for brilliance! Why don't you try. (Dishonored, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Mocat  +   1217d ago
This game is great
Jio  +   1217d ago
It's really refreshing, I really hope it sells well so that it shows the game industry that we still want original games.
Slysi  +   1217d ago
Good read, just need Friday to hurry now.
Trenta27  +   1217d ago
Just to be a good boy, I did everything in this list. =D
moodgamer  +   1217d ago
Its to play it.

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