Eurogamer: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Review

Ellie Gibson of Eurogamer writes: Mario & Sonic at the Olympics for Wii was always going to have a similarly significant advantage over the DS version. We found it highly enjoyable as a party game; fun for all the family on Sunday afternoon, or all the urban family in the early hours of Sunday morning when the neighbours have threatened to call the police if the SingStar continues and you really want to go to bed but two of your guests have had too many disco biscuits and are refusing to leave or keep still.

The visuals in the DS game are the same style as those in the Wii version and look almost as good. The same criticisms, therefore, apply. The contrast between the familiar, brightly coloured cartoon characters and sharp steel girders of the stadia they're plonked in can be jarring. And Princess Peach holding a gun is still weird.

Even if there were no Wii version to compare, Mario & Sonic DS wouldn't be worth a recommendation. The game isn't terrible; it's visually slick, there's a decent variety of events and they're entertaining to play through the first few times. But there's nothing special about it and no long-term value. Going for Gold fans will recall that despite their disadvantage, the non-English-speaking contestants always beat the British ones. Up against the Wii version, however, M&S DS will forever be playing catch-up.

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