The Great RTS Debate - Developers Speak

Gameplayer sat down with five of the leading strategy developers in the market - Massive Entertainment, EA Los Angeles, Creative Assembly, Namco and Ubisoft Shanghai - to discuss the genre coming to next-gen consoles. They explore the development decisions that are being taken to make it a success. This is an in-depth article with detailed quotes from all the developers.

"Why this sudden shift? Are strategy games suited to consoles at all? How are they adapting to consoles? Is the audience there or can strategy games cultivate and create it? And why do so many people think they've got the answers to these questions, when no one's succeeded before?"

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SlappingOysters3593d ago

I am super keen to see how World in Conflict comes to next-gen consoles. The PC version is great, but I much prefer playing online from the comfort of my couch.

Endwar should be rad too, though I am highly doubtful of voice commands.

Bolts3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

PC RTS sucks on the console and I think World in Conflict would be no exception. The heart of most RTS is about being able to effectively micro and you you'll need a mouse to do that. Even a specially designed console RTS like Halo War looks like a total pain the ass to play. When watching the demo I can't help but think if that game will be 10X more fun with a mouse.

Diugu3593d ago

What if the console has mouse and keyboard support?

That would widen the game library of the console for me.

Bolts3593d ago

I'm not sure if a full keyboard is necessary but some sort of mouse or mouse like controls is an absolute must. Playing a RTS with a thumbstick is likey trying to land a F18 with a giant steering wheel in a middle of a storm.

JsonHenry3593d ago

Well, this is how I see it.

Console only guys - Strategy games on consoles will be fun. It is a relatively "new" genre to consoles and should find a lot of fans that did not even know that they were fans of RTS games.

PC gamers - **MOST** (read- not all, but most) PC gamers like myself find it incredibly frustrating to play with a gamepad. Not because the gamepad controls don't work but because we know how much faster, accurate, and simply easier it is to to control an RTS game using a KB+M. Not to mention the console versions do not offer what makes most RTS games fun - micro management using keyboard shortcuts.

If consoles started making RTS games WITH KB+M support there would be a LOT more people playing RTS games on consoles. Even people who never used a KB+M before would find it easier and more accessible from the start. And in the end would make playing an RTS on a console that much more fun.

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Diugu3593d ago

I totally agree... I am a PC gamer, always have been. My brother always had a console so I sometimes played his (or a lot when it comes to god of war).

Now I got a PS3 because it is simply incredible and I love it. I really like the sixaxis.. but it is just not for RTS and FPS. I admitt I havent even tried to play a RTS on a console.. because in my mind it just wont work. And I get anoyed while playing FPS games... its not that I can't.. its just so much better with Mouse/KB, more agile.. I used to compete on CS tournaments and its just faster with mouse and keyboard.. just the way it should be.

Anyways... I think the joystick is for sports, RPGs, 3rd person shooters, and that is cool... that is why I have the ps3... for games like Uncharted (one of my favorites ever), heavenly sword, Ratchet and Clank.. etc.. etc... But if all shooters and RTS came with mouse and kb support I would own a lot more games.

SlappingOysters3593d ago

A friend of mine has this PS3 keyboard and mouse peripheral which is designed to sit on your lap. I cannot remember what it is called but it was designed specifically for the console.

I gave CoD4 a bash with it and it sucked

If console RTS games need a mouse and keyboard to run well then we are a ways off getting happening right.