WWE 13 Godfather, Kane, X-Pac, Dude Love, Del Rio, Laurinaitis, Santino & more Entrance & Finishers

Wrestling Gamer: Here is the latest batch of Entrance and Finisher videos for WWE 13. This one features The Godfather, Kane, X-Pac, Dude Love, Alberto Del Rio, John Laurinaitis, Santino Marella & The Bella Twins.

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roadkillers2083d ago

Did X-Pacs entrance say F***?

Deagle2083d ago

That's what I heard too lol.I find it funny they censored some of the other Attitude Era entrances and Austin's middle fingers but forgot that haha

PurpHerbison2082d ago

Roll up a fatty, FOR THIS PIMP DADDY!

Christo2080d ago

The Godfathers song doesn't have the "Come get on the Ho Train" intro. Looks like I'm going to have to change his music to a custom theme with the real song.