GameInformer- Fable: The Journey Review: Motion Mishaps And The Horse They Road In On

GameInformer- At best, Fable: The Journey shows us that a first-person Fable game would be pretty damn cool…with a controller. This perspective works well for this world, its foes, and the cartoony art style. Even if you’re convinced you can live with unexpected Kinect malfunctions, the game itself doesn’t offer many thrills in any of its action sequences. It’s a cakewalk of a game that spends far too much time admiring its scenic sights from horseback. Now, if you’re looking for a horse and carriage simulator that periodically makes you feel like you’re drunk, run out and get it immediately.

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Afterlife2078d ago

How can developers develop games for the Kinect with a straight face. Releasing a game, knowing that the game is broken and the controls aren't even responsive most of the time. They should be shamed of themselves.

The only thing Kinect is good for is dance games.

Sizzon2078d ago

I don't own a Kinect, but I heard The Gunstringer was a solid Kinect title. And also yes Dance Central works very well also, but not other action titles like Star Wars tho.

Afterlife2078d ago

Good to know that there's a few good games for the Kinect.

darthv722078d ago

copy and paste much?

then again the lather, rinse, repeat is a must for that hair.

on topic: games (in general) will appeal differently to people. Even those who do reviews/opinion pieces.

MattyG2078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

@Afterlife alright bud, the scores speak for themselves. We don't need a comment crusader copy and pasting the same comments on every review.

Shadonic2078d ago

well on metacritic the reviews seem to lean towards the possitives from reviewers. The scroes cant really speak for the game sience there just personal experiences or opinions of a title.

Loki862078d ago (Edited 2078d ago )

The problem with Kinect is it is a starting point, patches and firmware updates are not going to fix non-responsiveness or lag issues. Kinect has alot of practical applications, but a full scale hardcore game is simply not possible with the current hardware. However, this technology is an excellent start towards creating the future of gaming. A higher resolution camera and a multi cell processor would be a great next step toward creating more accuracy, although it is hard to recreate the 1:1 with pinpoint accuracy, including very subtle movements and complex situations like laying down and so forth.

What all the haters need to understand as this is brand new technology not the idea, but the process and it is going to be a rough transition period until the kinks are worked out. Once they accomplish this will be become the industry standard, it is simply evolution through advancement.

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