Microsoft Rocks the lives of Youtube Partners and other services with new rules

In an updated release of rules, Microsoft addresses the many users out there that make money by creating videos or live streaming their game content.

"But enrolling in the Youtube partner program (or other similar programs), where you are entering into an agreement to get paid, is not allowed."


As posted by Stinkles on NeoGAF

"As I mentioned in the Halo community thread, these rules actually haven't really changed, and even the updated and clarified text has been up there for months. I assume somebody just noticed this and posted this morning because it sort of blew up. This has always been the Legal status for the IP (and MOST IPs in fact), and as you also already know, nobody is being sued, or in jail, etc etc etc.

The language isn't designed to stop kids streaming their games, or covering their costs, it's designed to stop big companies from using somebody else's IP to run a business.

We'll put together some language that will help community people navigate this easily, and give people workarounds."

We have responded to this in the blog post

We have added an additional update to the blog including the previous wording that did not specifically mention YouTube Partner Programs or similar service. We went back through all of 2011. This is the first time the legal terms specifically mention this.

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tallkidoPL2019d ago

Twitch will explode even more now

Blaze9292019d ago

I think the whole gaming industry will, because doesn't this apply to websites like IGN, Gamespot, and especially Gametrailers? Just gonna have them stop doing Microsoft published videos?...unless of course, cheek turned for the "big sites"

da_2pacalypse2019d ago

Forget that... what about big companies that rely on this such as Roosterteeth? I mean, Roosterteeth has basically helped M$ for so many years, I'd like to see if M$ is really going to take a dump on them like this...


TheRealSpy2019d ago

First of all, Rooster Teeth and MS work hand in hand and MS sponsors a lot of what they do. So no, RT is not going to be affected by this.

Second, isn't it time people stop being 12 and acting like MS is some evil corporation? calling them "M$" is extremely childish.

Third, don't you think it would be wise to actually read the user agreement before jumping off the handle and making absurd assumptions?

doogiebear2019d ago

They should stop running MS ads and double up on Nintendo and PS ads. Hit MS in the only way they care, in the pocket.

dogoodmatters2019d ago

They rely on those sites for the 10 out of 10s.

sikbeta2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

OH! MS you so evil because running a business to get moniez! ... come on people...

ALLWRONG2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Slow news? You Sony guys running out of ways to complain about MS?

This is just old news being rehashed for the N4G anti MS train. You guys should fact check before you comment.

extermin8or2018d ago

I suspect reasonable journalism is ok, besides the big sites have their own video players etc they just wont upload them to youtube aswell... at least no their studio made walkthroughs and the such and you'd probably have to link the videos directly to them receiving money but they'd be paid even if they didn't upload the footage to youtube so how can it be proved they received money for the video?

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Grap2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

all games have these terms. even call of duty"who has youtube upload in it". the thing is these type of rules aren't active... well not yet. u won't see microsoft or sony sue over this

fatstarr2018d ago

Course: how to loose Profit and Exposure 370
Professor: Microsoft
TA: Xbox live team

Saturne32019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

wow the machinima guys are going to be pissed unless they have a special contract or something like it.

Blaze9292019d ago

Seeing as they are promoting the HECK out of Halo 4 with their original series, even the CEOs at Machinima must be pissed

NoFanboyRequired2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Pretty sure they have a deal with MSFT as they have Red vs Blue dvds in most stores.

Was looking at movies at bestbuy and came across one of the dvds. Was quite surprised actually lol.

WildStyles2019d ago

Completely retarded. The Youtube commentators essentially help these companies with advertising. Whether it be a huge hyped up game or a small one, they definitely help increase the visibility of games.

This move just screams greedy. I'm not even surprised Microsoft is the first company to implement this lame move.

Saturne32019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Well for one thing this will help out to bring out the real passionate gamers not the ones that are just there for the money.

WildStyles2019d ago

Who cares if these commentators are there for the money? They're still promoting games for these companies free of cost. Cutting off an advertising avenue is retarded.

Plus, whatever money the commentators receive doesn't even stack up to the amount of money Microsoft will eventually rake in from Halo sales. It's literally chump change in comparison.

SilentNegotiator2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Once they start attacking users, we get less commentary and walkthroughs.

And what do commentators REALLY make on Youtube? $20 for every 5 million hits or something? No one, not even big organized companies are getting rich from Youtube game videos.

Gambit_the_White2019d ago


Actually, they make 2.5 dollars per 1000 views. So if they're really popular, like UberHaxorNova, they're actually quite wealthy.

maniacmayhem2019d ago

Read the update, this has been around forever and doesn't necessarily apply to actual users.
I'm pretty sure every big company has something like this, even Sony or Nintendo.

1nsaint2018d ago

That's why i love mojang, they actually have it in their user agreement that anyone can make money by showing of minecraft content.

I think even activision has a similar agreement for cod video's

yewles12019d ago

Nothing new, it's just not profiting off of software you didn't make due to EULA being enforced by DMCA... running amok, that is.

Captain Qwark 92019d ago

amok run...........good song by kreator.

has nothing to do with your comment, just reminded me of the song when i seen that lol

unchartedxplorer2019d ago

I wonder what rooster teeth are going to do now.

matt19912019d ago

I think roosterteeth has a contract with microsoft. Plus roosterteeth does more the RvB.

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