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GameDynamo - "Building upon the template of Resident Evil 4 and 5, Resident Evil 6 is a third person co-op shooter. Players control one of the three duos: Chris and Piers, Leon and Helena, or Jake and Sherry, as they discover a plot by the Neo Umbrella Corporation to execute a worldwide bio-terrorism scheme."

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Ares84HU1746d ago

I'm confused..... Some reviewers give this game very high scores and others very low. You don't really see anything in between.

Gamers on the other hand without exception hate this game. At least the ones I talked too.

So, who is wrong here??

eferreira1746d ago

gamers hate it because they hate capcom right now and hate the fact that the resident evil series has evolved to an action game rather than a survival horror one. Reviewers probably feel the same way on my second point as well. That could be the reason for some low scores. I personally haven't played it yet but i'll get it eventually. Looks pretty good.

amaguli1746d ago

I have been wondering the same thing. From what I have played of Resident Evil 6, I would probably give it a 6.5 or 7, depending if I get blown away at any point.

Pretty much the camera is bad for an action game, the cover system is god awful, and some of the controls are convoluted. That being said, when it is clicking on all cylinders it is a fun game, you just have to be willing to acknowledged that this isn't really Resident Evil.

Wait until the price hits $30, and then you should consider buying it.

chilopirrin1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

the fanboyism is... actually the fanboyism is destroying the game industry this days, that and the nostalgia....

ILive1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

The game is actually very good. Don't listen to all the negativity being poured on it. I would give an 8-8.5 because it is rather entertaining and the atmosphere is very immersible. Its a good game. Get it and i guarantee you will have a great time on and offline.

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RAFFwaff1746d ago

Leons campaign in resi 6 is fucking brilliant and is what resi 5 should have been. It's at least 8/9 out of 10. Then you have two other main campaigns along with Ada, which while not quite as good as Leons, are fun and add longevity. They certainly don't bring the full game package down to a 4/5! While pure survival horror fans may need to look elsewhere or pine for resi 1 or 2, the rest of us are playing the game for FUN, the cheesy story/dialogue, and shooting zombies in the face.

AsheXII1746d ago

The only people i see hating is those who haven't bought the game. Everyone i know is loving it.

CynicalKelly1745d ago

You are correct. I was one of the haters after I played the demo then got the game and slowly turned over until eventually I found myself falling in love with the game.

While I still think it has it's flaws like the drawn out boring boss battle for Leon, Jakes boss battle was epic and Chris's character development over the game was fantastic.

You can tell Capcom really listened and tried this time round, they brought all the favourites from raccoon back, they tried to bring back umbrella and our favourite type of boss, big animals!

The haters can get stuffed as far as I am concerned, Resi 5 got little to no hate yet was horrible and 6 which is a great game, story and gameplay wise and is getting all this hate.

I hope capcom know despite these haters that 6 is an improvement from 5 and not the other way around.

Digimortal1745d ago

Well said. Now it's funny i always see people that will quote people such as you or anyone who enjoys or loves this game and has the balls to sit there and say "Oh you never played the old school games" I cannot stand when people say that. Sure there are people who haven't but i myself have been called on this so many times it disgust me greatly. I never ever cared for the Horror Survival aspect in the RE games. What i fell in love with was the storyline, characters and creatures we fight. That's what pulled me into this universe and that my friend will never ever change for me. I've played every single RE game out there including the spin-offs and the ones that everyone ignored (Gaiden and ORC) I played everyone cause the story was so damn interesting to me. Learning about Characters past, what they where doing over the years inbetween games, creatures we fight and reading up about them (Files), the villains we fight and why and what drove them to do this sorta stuff, learning about Umbrella and the greed that is found within this company. Basically what I'm getting at, is simple. The universe is just amazing for me and it's so damn deep as well. This world that is known as Resident Evil is filled with amazing storylines, and history behind characters and companies. This is one series i will never ever give up on. It will always be with me for years and years and years to come. Gameplay and H/S was never a reason for me and nor will it ever be. This franchise that Capcom/Mikami has created will forever be with me until the day i die.

MrRedfield2171745d ago

I'm surprised not to see many comments on any review that has come lately, hasnt really been any news/rumors about re6 that has been in the 500+ degree range. Its probably because everyone is actually-most likely playing the game! I casually check n4g for the news and I always see haters everywhere commenting on different reviews and the attention to the reviews NOW are pretty low, people must be playing it. Its no surprise, I found the game entertaining after getting used to it, its not great buts its not the worst neither, its traditionally usual for me to get angry at any RE game for not being spot on, but I got used to RE6 like I got used to RE4 and 5 and it is in a FEW ways better than them both...but thats just me