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Historical Halloween Impressions: Kuon

Oprainfall writes:

"Too much time has passed for me to fairly say how Kuon compares to its contemporaries in the survival horror subgenre. Nor can I state how the game is over all, as there’s much I have yet to experience. What I can say, however, is that the game has proven to be a most intriguing history lesson, both in terms of its mechanics and its thematic components. It’s a trek into a moment in time and culture rarely covered in games that see a western release; one that I’d like to see more titles explore. For that reason alone, I’d recommend those interested give it their own examination. For everyone else, it’s a return to past game design. Kuon is outdated in some ways, perhaps, but in the world of Silent Hill: Downpour and Resident Evil 6, it feels refreshing all the same." (Kuon, PS2, Retro)

HarryMasonHerpderp  +   994d ago
Nice article.
Would like to get a chance to play this.
I love Japanese horror!

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