Why the PS4 Will Fail

Masonic Gamer: With the upcoming release of the Nintendo Wii U all eyes are on the ‘next-gen’ of console gaming. It goes without saying that many gamers have dismissed Nintendo in recent years and with this announcement immediately fast-forwards to speculation on Sony and Microsofts successors in the industry. After reading many articles, I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring and discuss why I think the PS4 is doomed.

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NYC_Gamer2256d ago

PS4 doesn't need to be the most sold console to be successful

MasFlowKiller2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

We know next to nothing about the actual console but we can already determine that it is going to "Fail"

Wonder if the author of the article will let me borrow the magic 8 ball he used to write this article. Would love to use it to buy some lottery numbers

AsimLeonheart2256d ago

This is the new high (or low) for Playstation hate. The console hasn't even been announced yet and people are predicting its doom. In the business world anything can happen. Nobody could have imagine during last generation that Nintendo would sell the most console this gen. Sony can come back on top if they make the right decisions for all we know.

Information Minister2256d ago

I've seen doom and gloom articles preceding a console's release before, but I think this is the first time I've seen one such article preceding the system's announcement. *sigh*

2256d ago
irepbtown2256d ago

Global hardware sales...

Wii 42%

Xbox 30%

PS3 29%

PS3 isn't doing bad at all. All 3 are doing well when it comes to sales (especially Wii).
I wonder what will happen next gen...
Will people go all out for the next xbox/ps4, or continue the less expensive Wii route?

The FACT is, we just dont know...

knowyourstuff2256d ago

The author predicts the failure of the PS4 because of how the PS3 is doing - even though the PS3 has very closely matched the 360's worldwide sales numbers, it's about 98% right now in terms of market share comparisons worldwide, so given this the "writer" has deemed this a clear flop by Sony. Score zero for objective analysis.

With the same logic, the Wii would have failed miserably because of the sales performance of the Gamecube. Can anyone be so stupid and ignorant as to make such a fanbaiting fishing-for-hits article? Apparently so.

Brawler2256d ago

Only way I see the ps4 failing giving Microsoft a year lead again. And that high price point. Sure people will still buy it I know I did love my fat 60gb. But to get the core market they will need a reasonable price.

sikbeta2256d ago


Exactly, being First or Last doesn't change how enjoyable the games will be.

Silly Mammo2256d ago

Sweet Jebus! The PS4 hasn't even been announced and there are already articles about how it will fail.

morkendo232256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

here we go again another article (ITS DOOOOOOOOM)

we know nothing about the PS4 yet but "its doom article" pop-up already.


shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

If sony goes I will remain a pc gamer only.

I don't want kid pokemon games & and I don't want to pay for online gaming.

Naughty Dog on ps4 again will be unmatched by other devs.

To bad only marketing is appealing to console gamers. This is why nintendo goes casual(wii), abandons core gamers & then brings out a next gen console with not even one semi next gen game and everyone goes crazy.

Out of all the companies Sony is the only one who puts core gamers first.

Ps3 is the most popular of the 360 vs ps3 world wide sales. And wii out sold everything to casual gamers and is the worlds biggest dust collector.

No? prove me wrong then..




lol mika said it also.

2256d ago
darthv722256d ago

to make a blanket statement such as: the ps4 will fail. Granted the person who made that statement backed it up with their perspective of the situation. but why are they so certain that theirs is the correct perspective?

The success or failure of a platform has not been so much about the platform itself but the support behind it. That basically means that unless sony is the ONLY one supporting the ps4, it will do just fine.

Taking things like hardware cost, development cost and of course the actual specifics of the hardware can all have a hand in the success or failure. It still comes down to the games and the dedication of 3rd party support.

Believe it or not, the 3rd parties are far more important than a big stable of 1st party exclusives.

geth1gh2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

We need a article on n4g.

Why the "Why the *blank* will fail" claims are fucking stupid...

Seriously just "journalist" trying to gain hits while all it's doing is hurting the game industry.

NotSoSilentBob2256d ago

Wasn't the same things said about the PS3 when we actually knew about the hardware and everything? It is just a website looking for hits.

HappyGaming2255d ago

"AsimLeonheart" But the Wii was a good indication to us hardcore gamers that on top no longer means best for gaming.

So even if the PS4 "fails" (although I would not consider a product that sells dozens of millions a fail) in the sales department it doesn't mean it won't be an awesome system to own for us gamers on this site!

morganfell2255d ago


Well said. Look at this:

"Is this for real, who would approve spam?"

Yet the same person that lamented that article is the one who submitted this one.

Hypocrite much?

He joined a month ago and is already submitting. Dupe account? Common sense says yes.

badz1492255d ago

for the sake of hits ha? masonicgamer? it's really "moronicgamer", right?

PS3 and 360 sold around the same but somehow 720 will be the top dog and PS4 will be doomed! stupid people is stupid!

BattleAxe2255d ago

I think someone would have to be an idiot to call their website "", and an even bigger idiot to say that a console that hasn't even been announced yet will fail. I don't know about you guys, but since I'm not a Mason, I don't think I'd ever have a reason to go to this site...heck, I don't even think that Masons have much of a reason to go to this site.

CharlesDCI2255d ago


Good Idea. I think I should write one for my site and post it here lol.

pixelsword2255d ago

I don't listen to masons.

Kurt Russell2255d ago

I can't stand the Sony fan club, some of the dullest nerds on the web... HOWEVER, this article is a load of bollocks.

SolidStoner2255d ago

why you people even talk about these articles! waste of time.. like my wasted 37 seconds of life...

kikizoo2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

"will fail"..

like ps, ps2, ps3 ? XD

"PS3 isn't doing bad at all. All 3 are doing well when it comes to sales (especially Wii)"

..ps3 sold more than wii and 360 each years now..but most important, has the best exclusives since 2008, so, it's doing really good (probably not in last place now)

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-Mika-2256d ago

I agree. The wii was the best selling console this gen and well how many people are still using it. For alot of people, the wii is just collecting dust.

Sony on the other hand is in last place but they won over alot of gamers with their exclusives and dedication to the core.

MS might have sony beat with their online features and UI but once the ps4 comes out. Sony will fix all the negatives the PS3 has and make it better. It just needs to have an affordable price.

GribbleGrunger2256d ago

You can only decide the places when the race is over

maniacmayhem2255d ago

"MS might have sony beat with their online features and UI but once the ps4 comes out. Sony will fix all the negatives the PS3 has and make it better."

What if MS fixes all the negatives the 360 had for the 720?

GribbleGrunger2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

That is actually true, but I find it telling when you have an article up one day that explains why the 720 will destroy the opposition and then an article up a couple of days later explaining why the PS4 will fail.

The only reason it stands a chance of failing is because the American press will try to 'make' it happen.

irepbtown2256d ago

That is why, IF the PS4 fails, it will be in the states only (when it comes to sales). American press won't affect us Europeans.

Ben_Grimm2256d ago

But was the article from the same site? You can't just say the "American" press will try and "make" this happen based off of two different opinion articles.

GribbleGrunger2256d ago

Ben, I think I've been here long enough now to draw that conclusion regardless of whether both articles come from the same source. And with the IGN and Gamespot App now appearing on the 360, I'd suggest that misinformation is about to get dirty coming up to Christmas

Ben_Grimm2256d ago

"I think I've been here long enough now to draw that conclusion..."

You've been HERE is the key word in that statement. Being here on N4G and drawing conclusions from stories that users here submit and approve from blog sites that state their opinion doesn't represent the American media trying to ruin Sony.

"And with the IGN and Gamespot App now appearing on the 360, I'd suggest that misinformation is about to get dirty coming up to Christmas"

*sigh* Are you suggesting that IGN and Gamespot are going to team up against Sony? This is why a lot of us on here shake our heads at comments with this conspiracy some of you try to keep alive.

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Jazz41082256d ago

Do people automaticaly give Sony a pass for the psp go? That was a huge flop and why many people are waiting on a vita.

Anon19742256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Is there some prize for being first out with ridiculous "PS4 DOOOM!" articles? Because you're too late. There were PS4 doom articles already back in June.

What's worse is this "opinion piece" doesn't even make an attempt to back up it's title. "Why the PS4 will fail! We actually don't know and aren't even going to discuss it, but got your attention, didn't we!"

Pathetic. Who approved this garbage? This site needs to be blacklisted. If we can't stop idiots from approving this nonsense, at least we can get the quality filter to weed this crap out. Click under the link to the story to vote this site down.

Thatguy-3102256d ago

Safe to say that current ownerds will upgrade if the price isn't exaggerated again. It will be successful because 1. They will give us GAMES 2. The online service has made significant improvement and with the addition of gaiki the possibilties are endless. Sony differs from the rest because they actually give us games and this is what its all about. Yea they have motion control, and some apps but they dont shove it down our throats like the competition.

MastaMold2256d ago

Slow news day? Yea looks like it.

Sent from my PS Vita

wastedcells2256d ago

Why your website will fail despite your desperate plea for attention.

xtremeimport2256d ago

really...these are starting again? hahaha
Writers who wrote off the ps3 and refused to admit they were wrong finally have something new to write about and why Sony will again "fail".

I love speculation. I love lack of knowledge.

I honestly wonder where the people who write these things get their info. I have zero problem with opinion pieces. youre allowed to have your opinion on which system is better, but once you start trying to justify that opinion with incorrect facts you begin to look like a fanboy or just a very very poor journalist.

AsimLeonheart2256d ago

Just wanted to remind everybody to vote down the article and the website by left-clinking the blue website link under "Read Full Story" link. I didn't knew that until someone told me that I can vote for articles and their websites.

showtimefolks2256d ago

Well let me see

A faster bluray drive
Price under $400 mst likely $349
Free online play with cross game chat
Option for psn:plus
And exclusives that no other publisher can match and that's a fact not opinion

So yeh they will fail such a stupid article. Why since wiiu announcement of a release date have we seen Sony fail and ps4 will fail articles while nothing about xbox720? Maybe Xbox defense force and Nintendo fan girls are putting their combined efforts against the forces of darkside lol

If there is no Sony in gaming than I rather quit gaming because cares about selling kinect games than actual core gamer titles and Nintendo have a long long history of not getting 3rd party support.

Keep hating on Sony and they will kee releasing AAA exclusive that no ther console maker can deliver

Last of us
Beyond 2 souls

And guess what games like ico,sotc,ratchet,jack etc, most ther publishers wouldn't even waste their time on those IP yet Sony not only made those but now ratchet and sly have titles this gen.

Once psn gets cross game chat than what does xblive have that's so worth paying for when that 60 bucks can go towards buying a brand new game

Stop haing enjoy games and be a gamer

MasterCratosKong662255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

You want people to stop hating enjoy games and be a gamer, but you make a statement like if there is no Sony then you will quit gaming...Sony is awesome don't get me wrong but you can't enjoy games and be a gamer when you limit yourself to one company.

showtimefolks2255d ago

With all due respect I feel like Sony is the only publisher going after mature crowds so that's me if they are not making games I most likely will find a new hobby

So maybe I am wrong for saying that but maybe I over the past 15-20 years Sony has delivered so in a way I feel a comfort level and now in a way know what kind of software support there will be for their systems. So if they are out of gaming business which I don't think they are than I am out too or most likely will move to of gaming

geddesmond2256d ago

Lol this is just a taste of whats to come for the PS4 with the stupid media which in my opinion are the real destroyers of the gaming industry.

MpV352256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

This article is truly horrible. Maybe the title was meant to say "Why the PS3 and PS Vita are failures" as I did not see any collective argument against the PS4. Just a "Microsoft did everything right, I have to say Nintendo won, and Sony sucks" opinion. Let's break down the words...

"PS4" - Mentioned once in intro. I think even middle school English students know that if you write an article about something, it should be mentioned in more places than just the introduction paragraph.

"PS3" - 8 times. So what is this article about? The PS3 or the PS4?

"Microsoft" - 7 times. How do you write an article about Sony and almost mention Microsoft more? I'm sorry, but no matter what your points are, I throw them out the window as soon as I see this biased take on a situation.

Now that I have destroyed your writing skills, I shall now debate you, which you do not deserve. So the PS4 is doomed, and you think it is strictly due to the fact that Sony "failed" with the PS3. If that were the case, then I guess the 360 should have failed because the xbox came into last gen late and never sold as many as the PS2. Or did things turn out differently? No arguing that Sony went retarded this round. I get it. However, you cannot make simple judgement calls based solely on the past. The past is the past, let it go. No one gets anywhere i life holding on to high school and wishing for the good ole days, do they? No, they move on with a new plan in life and a new goal. This is what Sony will do. No one knows if it will work out, especially you, and we will have to wait to see.

Microsoft's 360 was a cheaper entry. That is true. Let's consider this generation an investment. It is fitting since we do invest not only our money, but several countless hours of our life to our consoles. So, you want to spend as much time doing something you like and as little money as possible while doing it. You can easily be fooled by a lower purchase price, however. If you wanted to compare the two products down the road and which one would save you the most money you would see that going the Microsoft route was not the most economic. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a couple hundred dollar difference in purchase price won't mean anything down the road when you have shelled out $50 - $60 a year for a mandatory subscription. I won't even get into the fact about how much money you had to spend just watch HD movies and play on wifi back in the day. Your point is weak and not at all does it show why the PS4 is doomed. If you wanted to argue the value for the money point, then fine. However, price alone in the past is not a valid point for predicting the future, nor was your opinion a very good one.

PS Vita and PSP comparisons are a dumb thing to talk about when making such a statement as why the PS4 is doomed. I am surprised this article was even published, to be frank.

Second to lastly, Sony mentioning they will support the PS3 for some more time does not doom the PS4. What are you proposing? Sony stick up the middle finger to everyone they convinced to buy their product and suddenly stop service like Microsoft did? I do not know why there wasn't more outrage against Microsoft when they did this, but if Sony copied this move, they would get crucified. You should never own a business, my friend. Free advice, take it.

Finally, don't wrap up an opinion piece on the PS4 with a question to your audience about the PS3 and PS Vita. It's just not a linear thought process. "Reason's why I think pizza are great." Followed by, "So, what is your favorite brand of cereal?" Sounds psychotic and like I fight myself in my head when I think, no? Okay, I am done with you. Care to post a revision?

Crazyglues2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Ok now someone quick write...

"Why the PS4 will succeed" -Just so we have both sides of the story


Patrick2256d ago

I agree with NYC Gamer. If you measure success on number of units sold and do not consider PS3's 64+ million sold as successful then the only successful home consoles have been PS1, PS2 and Wii. Some of these journalist wannabes need to check numbers and facts before writing their opinion pieces.

Lifetime sales in millions
Sega--- 13

Super Nintendo--- 49
Sega Genesis--- 40

Playstation--- 102
Nintendo 64--- 33
Sega Saturn--- 9

PS2--- 154
Gamecube--- 21
Xbox--- 24
Dreamcast--- 10

Wii--- 96

nuff said...

Syntax-Error2256d ago

How can it fail when I know for sure I am buying 2 of them! I think next gen is going to be absolutely amazing. We are stretching it here, so I can imagine what it's going to look like with new technology. Look at what Kojima did with Metal Gear and what Naughty Dog is doing with Last of Us. Simply astonishing. Getting goosebumps already. This time I hope Sony hits a respectable price point and not wait a full year to launch. I am sure they learned their lesson

nerdkiller2255d ago

i think ppl are coming down on sony cuz they did a dick move, they should of never sued

BuLLDoG9092255d ago

MS is gonna be in Sonys pocket next gen, bluray, every nextbox sold, sony gets a small cut, aint that a peace..

To the author, well man, when i think of xbox i see Kinect, pay2play, and stale 1st party support at best..
Sony has(hopefully)learnt alot this gen on how they should make the hardware work for next.
The futures bright for the PS4, and i wounder what theyl do with Gaikai aswell.

gintoki7772255d ago

Why writer of this article should no longer write articles.

DarkHeroZX2255d ago


Hey go into the kitchen, look under the kitchen sink and grab the moth balls, the Clorox bleach, and some SOS pads or texture. The go grab whatever you can find in the medicine cabinet and make yourself a delicious cocktail. Oh and for even better enjoyment lock yourself in a car with with carbon monoxide filtering throughall the air vents. Trust me you'd love it :)

2255d ago
chriski3332255d ago

Wow this guy be trolling mad deep!

IAmLee2255d ago

Another hate article about sony?
Didn't expect that...

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Optical_Matrix2256d ago

Why Darren Durham is an idiot: This Article. Just reeks of fanboy drivel and a complete disregard for facts that put his biased opinion in the proverbial shitter.

Almost ashamed I gave this article a hit. Do not approve this N4G.

Gr812256d ago

Things aren't factual in this article. The Wii was released last for one. But much of this is opinion based sugared with truth. No question Sony really took a licking this gen. And vita sales are dreamcast territory. But I feel sony's biggest asset in prior gens were third party exclusivity. Once they lost that its been a rocky road.

Benjamminkno2255d ago

Actually, Wii was three days earier than Ps3. Though, I do think Sony is going to have a problem if they're going to go "graghics powerhouse" route. The mainstream will not buy a 500 dollar console in this market. They lost my money when they decided my broken Ps3 wasnt a high priority for them, that and the network meltdown. Sony isn't going anywhere, nor would I want them to. Less competition is bad for everyone.

Dark112256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Vote down this site people.