Clueless Analyst Michael Pachter believes that "most PC's are not as powerful as a PS3"

DSOGaming writes: "It's really a shame that there are analysts such Michael Pachter out there that can affect the gaming industry. It's not because some might disagree with his opinions, but because this analyst is clueless and we are really puzzled why GameTrailers is 'promoting' this analyst. After countless of wrong assumptions for a huge number of topics, Pachter stated in his Pack Attack! show that gamers won't get any good games because they whined too much about ME3 and that no one out there has a PC as powerful as a PS3. Wait what?"


Update: This article is based on Pachter's old comment. That's why it's also an article and not a News story. Here is the quote for those interested in finding it. If mods believe that this article shouldn't be here, feel free to fail it.

"That comment from Pachter’s twitter account – about PC gaming – was quite old (Pach Attack Episode 108 was the episode where Pachter addressed it, suggesting that ‘most’ PCs are not as powerful as PS3) but was brought to our attention by our reader Jean. Pachter explained that he meant “most” and that he is aware that a few have a PC more powerful than a PS3."

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dedicatedtogamers2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Hurr hurr. My PC can run circles around a PS3, 360, and Wii's combined power. And my PC isn't even considered top-tier as far as PCs go.

8-core AMD processor, 2 GB ATI Radeon card, 16 gigs of RAM (okay, that IS a bit overkill), and a RAID0 dual SSD. There are PCs much more powerful than mine.

reynod2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Lol forget my desktop PC, My 3 year old laptop with the following specs:

2.4ghz dual core cpu (I5)
HD 5870M GPU
4 gigs ram

Takes PS3 or the Xbox 360 to the cleaners lol. Mind you laptop graphics are much weaker than the desktop counterpart.

When i am traveling i have all my games on my laptop (thx Steam, no need to carry around disks). Just plug the laptop onto any HDMI TV and it transforms into a supercharged console, play with any controller of choice DS3, Xbox controller, Wii controller lol.

Hell with the sort of specs being rumored for the next consoles i dont think even they will be able to beat my Desktop PC.

iamnsuperman2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

I have watched the video twice again and he doesn't make any reference to this. I might have missed it but at the moment this article is made up bull. Please source exactly where you think you heard this (at the author) because I couldn't find it

darthv722259d ago

my pc won't out perform the ps3. Wii maybe but not the 360 and certainly not the PS3.

In fact, that is why I do my gaming on a console and not a PC. Console represents a low cost investment for entertainment where as I'd have to sink $$$$ into a real gaming PC.

No disrespect to those who have one but to's just not worth it.

ChickeyCantor2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )


PC games usually cost less. Not to mention PC's do more than gaming.

Your investment would be far better. The only thing that's a con is that you need a certain console to play a certain exclusive.

Hook it up to a TV and you have yourself a far better entertainment center than the Ps3/360 will ever be.

nix2259d ago

for future commenters,

Please read the update before commenting blindly people....

darthv722259d ago

yeah i know. i had been a PC gamer for quite some time. Especially back in the half life days. Played my fair share of things like counter strike and eventually half life 2.

The idea of building an even more up to date PC is there. I somehow just prefer console gaming. Maybe its the fact that my copy of a game will run exactly the same as the other guys who i would play against online.

Not to say that the PC has an unfair advantage but there are so many variables to take into consideration when building a gaming pc. you just dont have that when buying a PS3 or 360. aside from the various games and amenities of course.

Am i missing out on the highest possible visuals for a game like Crysis...? Sure. does it really matter if that isnt the game i play. Nope. I can tell you that when i was into half Life 2 on the PC it was when having a Radeon 9800Pro was the in thing. Obviously that is an old card by today's standards but it really was a great card.

I still have it in another PC but in my more 'current' one I have a 7900GS and too is old but with the constant turn around on PC hardware it isnt cost effective (for me anyway) to try and stay ahead of the curve. Especially when you don't know where that curve is going.

My PC already is doing more than my console when it comes to non gaming related things. I dont need a bleeding edge gpu to surf the web or do my banking.

Im content with the console side and have been since the days of Pong. Its just something about the simplicity of just turning on the system to play a game and turning it off when you are done. No having to deal with if the PC will boot or get hung up on something trivial.

Like i said before. No disrespect to those who have a gaming PC. i used to be one of you, i just chose a different path now.

awi59512258d ago

Yeah my pc is mid range now i have 3 6870's with 16 gigs of ram and AMD 1100T overclocked to 3.9gigs ( i dont have the power to run 4gigs)

360 man2258d ago

@ awi5951

im sorry but 3 6870s in crossfire is not mid range. thats still definately an enthusiast pc setup. i have a amd 2 phenom 965 quadcore. 12 gigs of ram and a single radeon 5850. with 2TB hard drive

that is mid range.

CaptCalvin2258d ago

Thing is, there really isn't a cure to stay ahead of in terms of PC gaming. Most games these days are multiplats ported over from the consoles. $40 for an HD4850 or a 9800GT or such will let you play these games maxed out no problem, or at least a couple of notches ahead of the graphics settings the consoles would use.

CaptCalvin2258d ago

^Just realized the typo. I meant "curve" lol!

pixelsword2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

If Patcher is so "clueless" why make an article about him?

Why quote him at all?

Why interview him?

Either he's clueless and don't touch him anymore, or he's not and take everything he says with respect; don't interview and talk to him and then call him names like "clueless"; it just makes the interviewer looks stupid, not Patcher. Patcher is getting a check for his statements, he's not getting a check for talking to people trying to get hits off of his statements.

MaxXAttaxX2258d ago

That's what he obviously meant.

Not everyone has high end PCs.

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Irishguy952259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Core 2 Quad @ 2.4GHz
3GB Ram
720MB(roughly) 8800Gtx

Mine can also run rings around a Ps3/360 etc.

Mine is not powerful// It's old, outdated tech

How do I know it can run rings? Multiplats. Simple as that, Multiplats run/look better on it than on Ps3/360. Mass effect 3 looks way better, the FPS is very high etc Skyrim too and a host of other games

Patcher is quite stupid, 2007 ~ When mid - high tier gaming Pc's Outperformed the consoles. In 2005 and 6, Very high tier Pc's(multiple Gpus) outperformed the consoles too.

telekineticmantis2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Honestly, the PC elitists are misguided. You guys should be focused on the games you guys miss out on every year that consoles get. I respect the power, and hope Consoles adapt that type of upgradable system philosophy, but PC's are only attractive to me when they have a great game that no other console has, which is rare.

Every Year I see PC Elitist fighting for some game to be pprted late to their system of choice, That's proof enough to me, that PC elitists only focus is on power. Most of you are shooter fanatics, and have nothing to do with the MMO/RTS crowd.

Speaking of which, that is basically what the PC is made up of MMO's RTS' Shooters. Simulators?(why even mention that) Most devs put their focus on Consoles, what was the last game of the Year that was PC exclusive? Most of the time they don't even have a game nominated for GOTY.

Complex is a negative if it the game lacks intuitiveness. Lets take Wow for example, MMO's like wow are becoming prehistoric, due to it's lack of intuitive gameplay. MMO devs are now trying to develope MMO's where actions play out like they are supposed to, instead of "LEGO toy" looking characters moving their arms and points poping up, now they want MMO's to play out like God Of War, with realistic, or logical gameplay.

T9002259d ago

Lol we have more games and more verity than any console out there.

You can knock the Wii out of the list or any nintendo console for that matter because we can emulate it.

We have most of the Xbox 360 console exclusives.

Its only PS3 which has some Sony funded games that dont make it to the PC, however if you look at any console gaming line up all you get is:

Shooter, Shooter, rpg, Shooter, third person shooter, Shooter, Platformer, Shooter, rpg, Racer, Shooter, Third person shooter.

Console gaming has become very casual, with most focus toward the wider audience.

PC on the other hand looks like this:

Shooter, RTS, MMO, Racer, Moba, Simulator, RPG etc

Hence while PC doesnt have some of the console exclusives, it does feature those genres in some way or the other. However consoles have no reply to the vast number of Genres the PC caters to.

Most games released on console are just to generic kid friendly, Try picking up a game like dota 2 on the PC, its so darn complex you wont find anything like it on console.

DarthZoolu2259d ago

Pc gamers have access to much more content. We get mods, which in many cases take games to the stars and adds hours and hours of life to many games. My Skyrim bashes all both console versions and is fine tuned to what I like. Also many people have game systems and computers if we put those two costs into our one PC is really not that much more expensive. Plus PCs excel in RTS, FPS, & RPGs not to mention MMOs. a Camaro is a nice car but it's not a Ferrari. Get it?

insomnium22259d ago

"Its only PS3 which has some Sony funded games that dont make it to the PC"

This pretty much explains everything. I would love to have a great PC but since I don't have that much time to spend on gaming (and I lack the skills with computers) PS3 is by far the best for me.

bumnut2259d ago

Actually its console owners that miss out on games. PC has a much greater number/variety of games.


We do have the games and for alot less. The question should be do u have the games? FPS, RTS, much better on PC. Xbox 360 controller available if u need it.

telekineticmantis2259d ago

Mods are cool, they also turn games into crap sometimes. Like I said before, it's all about the games, you get, and PC's lack games every year, and beg devs to get them late.

Also they barely ever have game of the year Candidates.

A pwerful engine with only 3 wheels.

Blues Cowboy2259d ago

No, no no. The PC has a deeper breadth and wider variety of games than any console on the market, both in terms of massive AAA exclusives, exquisite indie gems and everything in between. Cheaper.

I own both a PS3 and Xbox 360 and still use them for exclusives - and I won't try and pretend that I don't find the console experience much more convenient. But despite having to update the odd driver and upgrade every once in a while, my PC has pride of place.

dedicatedtogamers2259d ago

If there are no games on PC that attract you, that's a-ok.

But PC has SO many exclusives. Notice how DayZ is the hot name everyone is talking about? That's is a MOD. When Witcher 2 hit 360 console gamers made such a huge deal out of it, but both Witcher games have been on PC for years. Minecraft? Metro 2033? On PC first.

And of course, you're neglecting the fact that on a current PC, I can play ANY PC game at ANY time, whereas on console the classics are handed out at a snail's-pace.

ChickeyCantor2259d ago

" That's proof enough to me, that PC elitists only focus is on power."

It's console people keeping the power thread going(Ps3 vs 360 and soon vs WiiU). It's the PC crowd laughing at them.

PC gamers are not without games. And if they truly want to play a console game. They get a console. It's really not that black and white as you make it out to be.

aquamala2259d ago

Most games this gen are multi plat, look at this holiday season, Dishonored, XCOM, AC3, Black Ops 2, Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2, Sleeping Dogs, Hitman . All on pc and run at higher resolution and look far better.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

It's funny how pc has more platformers than consoles now do to the rich indie gaming environment it creates..

Also since cod sells like crap on pc we get this
and you get 95% cod clones and other shooters who implement cod like features.

Horror is about dead on consoles, Splinter cell is not about stealth any more and now only MGS remain(and might come to pc), console have only one hardcore racing sim(on ps3) while pc has at least 3 coming, fighting games are sh!t that make you buy on disk dlc, pc has 2 open world survival zmobies game(day z, war z) and xbox has one(which looks casual in comparison), sports games are better on console yes, shooter? lol pc wins, strategy basically pc only, Name a great mech game on console?.... Pc gamer get this

only console worth having imo is sony's console since they for core gamers but still pc is much more than a power race & minecraft sold 7 million on pc.

Also you can better your ass red dead sequel will be on pc.

Planetside 2 is sony's first next gen shooter pc only..

awi59512258d ago

I have over 50 games on steam and thats just on steam. I havent even played most of them yet lol. And i only payed like 9 bucks for them during steam sales and consoles had to pay 60 bucks for the same game lol.

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zebramocha2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

You're right,most Pcs and laptop out compete the ps360 but consoles all have standard hardware and to access the hardware for a dev is easier,to kind if make a point ,does anyone remember the nvidia medusa demo?its rendering method is probably more advance compared to console games but the character models don't look any better than gow 3.

SilentNegotiator2259d ago

If he had said "The average computer owner does not have a computer with as powerful of a GPU as the HD consoles" he MIGHT have had some sort of point.

But anyway, didn't he say this like 2 years ago also? I'm thinking that GT is enjoying getting the hits whenever Pachter says something idiotic....probably asked him to say it again.

adorie2259d ago

Ah. You went with Bulldozer? /trollface

chukamachine2259d ago

ALot of people's pc's even now are not as powerful, because alot of people don't buy expensive gpu's. The ones that come inside the pc are useless for gaming.

Myself i have a

i5 2500k @4.5ghz
6870 1gb
8gb kingston ram

Without a decent gpu, gaming isn't an option.

Bowzabub2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Yes.. Your PC. Now let's talk about the billion that don't.

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Godmars2902259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

All this man has to do is sit in an office, go to lunches with other people who sit in offices, make stuff up which doesn't have to be the least bit correct, present it to people who don't understand it, and collect a paycheck.

How do you mess that up so badly by bringing attention to yourself, show how often you get things wrong and overall that you have no understanding about what you're talking about?


guitarded772259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

I know... he's the luckiest bastard on earth. I want his job so bad.

Also: I didn't see an actual quote in the article, so I'm giving Pachter the benefit of the doubt until I see an actual quote. This is just tabloid nonsense.

PS3Freak2259d ago

That's an unbelievably perfect description of an analyst.

Well done.

T9002259d ago

The reason why the "$299.99" statement doesn't work in favor of consoles is because:

At 299usd you are buying significantly old tech, which will cost you more per game to play. So yea if you only intend to buy 4-5 games for the console then yes console is cheaper.

However the tables quickly turn if you are a real gamer and would like to play many games a year. When every game bought on PC is cheaper, PC quickly becomes the cheapest platform to game on.

A PC that runs circles around a console can be built for 500usd, thats not a whole lot more expensive.

Myze2259d ago

Sadly, it seems that PC games (multi-plat ones, anyway) are starting to cost the standard console price of $59.99. However, PC games do tend to have more deals and drop in price more quickly (usually because they don't sell quite as well).

Unless you are pirating games (which, granted, is far easier on PC), the cost-per-game argument is only semi-valid.

awi59512258d ago

Just wait a month after launch games that are 60 on pc dont survive that long unless it's a EA game. Even then they have to give up because PC players know better than to buy those 60 dollar games at launch. Crysis 2 for example i didnt buy it at 60 dollars i waited 2 months and got it at 29 dollars.

Cajun Chicken2259d ago

That's it Gametrailers. You can void his contact now.

ventilator2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

cmon he's right most people buy pc's for internet,music,video they have a shitty gpu/cpu at least the people i know, not everybody has a 580, 8-core rig

T9002259d ago

Thats because PCs are very flexible machines:

want to:

Play games - done
Work - done
Edit videos - done
Surf the Web - done

Since PCs can be used for multiple tasks and not everyone plays games sure you will see many PCs that do not feature a discrete GPU at all. However check stats on Steam there are millions of people owning DX10 - DX11 capable GPUs.

If not many people bought those GPUs then Nvidia and AMD wouldnt waste the resources making new GPUs every year.

TomSawyer1872259d ago

Trolling right? I really hope you're trolling. Don't need a 580 8-core rig to run circles around this gen.