Gameplayer: Pixel Junk Monsters Review

James Cottee of Gameplayer writes: Every RTS has a level or two where you have to defend a base, setting up turrets to fend off wave after wave of attackers. 'Tower Defense' games take that one specialised gameplay type and build the entire experience around it. The breakthrough title of this blossoming sub-genre was Desktop Tower Defense, and new games are coming out all the time to move the idea forward. Pixel Junk Monsters is one of the latest, and elegantly brings the Tower Defence genre to the PS3.

The PS3 has been playing catch-up with its range of downloadable games, but it is most certainly closing in on Xbox Live, both in terms of volume and quality of software. Costing a mere $8.45, Pixel Junk Monsters is top value, and well worth checking out at the price.

Graphics: Quirky and charming hand-drawn visuals.
Sounds: Top ambient music, subdued FX.
Control: Simple movement, radial menus.
Gameplay: Elegant and Moorish.
Verdict: Innovative, compelling, different. Nice!

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