IGN: Monster Trux Arenas Review... 1 out of 10

IGN's Closing Comments:

"Monster Trux Arenas is the same game as Offroad Extreme! Special Edition, with a quick vehicle swap and different levels. Everything else is literally the same, and it's painfully obvious that Conspiracy had Data Design Interactive make a full game, and the split it in two right before release. In fact, we may be wrong on that front, as there are still more shovelware games to root through. Was there supposed to be cars in the game too? What about motorcycles? Just how many titles were squeezed out of one design?

With that being said, we've taken inspiration from this design choice. Below you'll find Matt Casamassina's 'new' take on Monster Trux Arenas. Never mind the fact that 99% of the text is the same as his Offroad Extreme! review. The name is changed, so we've got a new review."

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MK_Red3758d ago

DAAAAmmmmmmmmnnn... I did feel deja vu. The box art, screens and everything seemed old and I though it was an old submittion but no...

IGN itself does say that they might have indeed reviewed this piece of crap before. Nice find and review ;)

leon763758d ago

Metroid only game worth the purchase of the's more a crap sh*ty game for it...1/10...nice going!!!

Relientk773758d ago

why are 3rd party games soo bad on wii?

zigzag3758d ago

10 out of 10 not bad....oh wait that a 1.0 out 10