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Dealspwn: There's no hardware battle to win this time around, and Nintendo don't need to explain the Wii U's mechanisms in as much detail as they did the Wii's, so their decision to showcase exceptionally shallow gameplay experiences via Nintendo Land or point towards a Mario experience you can get already is almost unfathomable. Then again, with almost zero marketing, a paucity of games (news dropped today that Rayman Legends is to be pushed back into 2013), and an unnerving knack for shooting themselves in the foot, Nintendo are somehow selling out pre-orders in the US. The Nintendo brand, and indeed that of the Wii, is still something to be reckoned with.

But I'm still in no hurry to get one.

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browngamer412049d ago

Good. More WiiU's available for the rest of us.

josephayal2049d ago

I cannot agree with you more, Nintendo knows how to make boys and girls happy

wiiulee2049d ago

exactly clown fanboys and people who somehow seem like they have stock in sony and microsoft can keep hating....because the wiiu is here to stay as nintendo is doing everything right

WeskerChildReborned2049d ago

Agreed, i see some people hate Nintendo just cause it's not Microsoft or Sony.

MNGamer-N2049d ago

I can't wait to play mine. Nintendo games in HD. Enough said.

Gamer-Z2049d ago

I wonder why there hasn't been any advertisement for the Wii U?

solidt122049d ago

I know really. Most of the people I know don't even know Nintendo has a new console coming out.

linkratos2049d ago

Why advertise for something you can't buy? Most people don't preorder. Wait til November for the TV ads to start rolling in.

StrawHatPatriot2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

i dot no if its me, but ther was aLOT bunch of spellign erros in dat artcile

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