GTA IV vs. Saints Row 2 - Will Saints Row 2 be better than GTA IV?

Gameplayer takes a look at how these two heavyweights of open-world gaming are shaping up to see if Saints Row 2 really is in with any chance of knocking GTA off its current position as the genre king.

"Now we find ourselves gearing up for the first genuine head-to-head between the two series as new sequels, GTA IV and Saints Row 2, near release. It begs the question: will Saints Row 2, the underdog, be better than GTA IV, the reigning champ?"

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Skerj3724d ago

It'll be entertaining like the first one but GTA has charm and character.

roybatty3724d ago

I played Saints Row (original) on my brother in law's 360 and it sucked balls. A cheap imitation.

Kulupoo3724d ago

ehhh... I agree...
just based on the number it will lose... saint row(2)vsGTA(4)...
easy way to fix that tho~ change it to saint row 460!
now you got a chance (jk)

Kleptic3724d ago

agreed...Saint's Row just seems pretty ghetto more ways that was ok I guess, but didn't touch GTAIII...

but thats just it for me...since GTAIII, I think things have been going downhill since then...I liked Vice City less than III, and SA less than VC...I personally like GTAIII so much becuase of the heaviest focus on the had some gang stuff too...but there was a heavy mix of different types of organized crime...SA was almost all ghetto gang crap...the whole game felt like a music video for some lame hip-hop artist on MTV imo...that and it was simply too big...and VC was a blatant rip-off of Scarface, a movie that I loved since I was 13...but is getting totally played out by rappers thinking they relate to a cuban drug lord...

GTAIV seems to be returning to the GTAIII style...present day...with all kinds of crime syndicates...keep the variety high, thats all I want...I am not saying I don't want any hip/hop lifestyle type stuff in it...I just don't want the focus on that and nothing else...thats all...