Square Enix announces Tomb Raider pre-order bonuses, Collector's Edition news soon

Square Enix has announced pre-order bonuses for Tomb Raider. GameStop, Amazon, and Best Buy will all be offering original content.

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dogoodmatters1991d ago

I wonder when Wal-Mart will become a staple with pre-order bonuses.

banjadude1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

The amazon/bestbuy bonuses totally destroy the gamestop one, lol.

Also, +1 for collector's edition.

SolidGear31990d ago

+1 Collector's Edition .. hope it's as good as the Euro one with the Lara statue :)

dredgewalker1990d ago

I heard there's an extra special collectors edition with Lara's bra as the collectible item :P

WitWolfy1990d ago

Saw a pre built beta at a gaming expo last weekend.. This game has so much potencial I first day purchase for me.. Thats for sure!

princejb1341990d ago

The game looks good I'm actually interested
But sorry square cant support developers who don't care about their fans