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IBTimes Review of Fable: The Journey

Usual Kinect issues aside, Fable: The Journey is gigantic hardware error from start to finish. Even perfectly calibrated, the Kinect feels wrong. (Fable, Fable: The Journey, Kinect, Xbox 360) 5/10

edonus  +   897d ago
I'm going to pick this up today I cant wait.

Oh.... Yeah i read the bull$h!t review that basically bashed the game for being the game it is and not Fable 1,2 or 3.

I and everyone knows its not Fable 1,2 or 3. They took points away because its on rails... thats like taking points away because of the genre. I dont see Madden loosing points because its a football game or COD loosing points because it a FPS.....

All in all this review is terrible and bias, if you dont like something and already have your mind made up before you play it why even play. I bet they didnt even play it.
edsmith1990  +   897d ago
It's not like taking points away because of the genre; in the review, I praise it as a good on-rails game, saying the combat is a lot of fun.

The reason I compare it to other Fable games, is because it's a Fable game, hence Fable: The Journey. I say it looses a lot of the series' best qualities because of the Kinect, which doesn't allow for big, sprawling adventures. I also say that I wish it weren't called a Fable game, because as a game by itself, this would actually have been alright. I see the branding as a marketing ploy that has backfired.

And of course I played the game. Don't be so utterly, utterly ridiculous. My JOB is to play and review games.
edonus  +   897d ago
That makes no sense. Would you say Halo Wars could have been a better RTS if it wasnt called Halo because the RTS formula doesnt allow for the run and gun adventures the series is known for. Or Mario Kart would be a better karting game if it wasnt Mario because the regular Mario games are giant platformers.

This is just a different type of game set in the Fable world so it should be judged directly on it own merits and since when has branding and marketing ploys been a factor in what a game does. I'm sure we could look at a back log of games reviewed that used similar to exact "marketing ploys" and they would not have any impact on the review.

Then you say the game is fun but even in the header text on this site it says "even when precisely calibrated kinect feels wrong". So which is it wrong or fun, youre going all Romney on me.

The way I see it is you probably arent really in to kinect or motion controlled games in general. You play and review them because its your JOB. All the time lacking the enthusiasm to push and discover. Thats fine for a consumer but not for a reviewer.

Then you blame kinect for the devs making the game they made. I have played full 3d kinect games they clearly didnt want to use kinect that way it would have probably been harder and I think they were more focused on letting people play while sitting. Again it like you took points of the kinect game because it uses kinect. If you dont like it fine but you sould give a disclaimer.

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