Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC and patch resetting Badass rank, keys

StickSkills said, "We know everyone’s eagerly anticipating hopping online and downloading the new content for Borderlands 2, but reports of lost Badass ranks, skins, heads, golden keys, and even character saves are being reported."

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Cajun Chicken2024d ago

I'm not risking this as I haven't finished the game yet. Quite simply put Steam in offline mode.

Aceman182024d ago

i updated and didnt lose anything so i'm good.

Gamer19822024d ago

Inly people really affected are those who have cheated in some ways. Those who managed to give themselves 255 keys day one now lose keys thanks to patch I'm hearing. But since they didnt get them through legitimate ways anyways they should stop complaining.

EyeGlitch2024d ago

I'm not downloading any patches tillI I get the bee shield.

jocomat92024d ago

i have the level 48 one but trying for the lvl 50 one

Asuka2024d ago

thankyou backup save files =]


oooooooo might have a poserbul name of the frist DLC it can been seen on ps3 trophys by sorting out the borderlands 2 by grop content > core game/add-on
and its called captain scarlett and her pirate's booty

kma2k2024d ago

oh wow i would be super pised if i lost any of that! Im done with Borderlands 2 though, Resident Evil 6 is a bad game to follow it up. Kinda hoping dishonored gets the bad taste out of my mouth! Damn I love gamefly always a new game to play :)

Captain Qwark 92024d ago

XCOM is following it up for me, well tech im going to play them both simultaneously but xcom getting a bit more time since ive finished bl2 already

kma2k2024d ago

I was undecided on dishonored or xcom so i just left them both in my game q with gamefly & let them send me one lol. Im sure ill get back to xcome in like december when the rush of new games stop.

Captain Qwark 92023d ago

got xcom yesterday and played it. very good so far, def recommend

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The story is too old to be commented.