Ashura the Hedgehog demo out

Homebrew developer waywardson has just released the demo of Ashura the Hedgehog. Currently, there are only two playable levels in the game, but expect that to increase once the homebrew dev decides to tweak it and release the full version in the future. Check out the full article to see how the game looks like.

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propheta3664d ago

Sonic's been hit so many times by the very company that created it, I don't think it needs these cheap, homebrew mods.

RecSpec3664d ago

With Ashura's green hair, this game is set up for some excellent stealth action. Infiltrate Dr Robotnik's base and then take down Metal Egg.

Wii60PS3DSPSP3664d ago

Yeah a green Sonic... Very Original.

permutated3663d ago

Sonic has been bastardized enough.

Let him die in peace :P

HardcoreGamer3663d ago

Blanka is gonna lose his job, now that there is a green sonic

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