FPS style controller mods could be the next thing for gamers

Gamers can now look at a new selection of controllers to select from for the Xbox 360 as, HGControllers has quite a few different shooter games in mind with their brand of modded controllers allowing for gamers to play without ever taking their fingers off of the thumb sticks. There are micro-processors installed at various locations on the backside of the controller allow for thumb free button pressing. The objective of the HGControllers is to allow for gamers to increase their aiming skills since they don't have to press those pesky buttons with their thumbs. But where's the fun in that? Another company, GamerModz is also doing something like this as well.

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Bolts3594d ago

Very stupid. All they did was add buttons to the back without doing a damn thing to make aiming easier or better which is the real focus of any FPS.

SnakeDiesinMGS43593d ago

Actually if you paid any attention than you would see that it does improve aiming. Aiming is done using the right analog using your right thumb but would need to release that right analog to press the other buttons for melee, reload, or pickup weapon. With this mod you will never let go of the right analog and never stop aiming thus improving aiming tremendously.

Bolts3593d ago

No, what they did was add buttons to back to solve an annoying control scheme. They did nothing to make playing an FPS with a thumbstick suck less which is the primary function of any so called FPS controler. Add a damn trackball in there or something...

bumnut3593d ago

how many games do you play where you can reload and shoot at the same time?

i agree partially with the melee attack statement.

Noodlecup3593d ago

then playing FPS games will always be with low-precision, maybe one day someone will crack the FPS analogue stick but it isn't looking too good.

BloodySinner3593d ago

You lose mobility if you're using a keyboard to walk around.

tony3593d ago

the 360 controllers. best in the market for sure. but its always good spread the market a bit and create new controllers. more options.

moparful993593d ago

A company just released a controller called the split fish frag pro fx. Its essentially a mouse with playstation buttons on the mouse and has a nun chuck esque joy stick and two shoulder buttons. This thing is the perfect console fps controller in my own opinion. Just like a pc the mouse is your pointer and the joy stick is your movement. I like it better then the pc settup because you dont have to use the annoying keyboard. Maybe they will produce something of this nature for the 360, or maybe they already have.... Either way if you can get one then I do recommend it....