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Official Gaikai Response to Sony Acquisition

Gaikai know that being acquired by Sony brought up a lot of questions, so they decided to answer some. (Gaikai, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Sony)

Dante112  +   962d ago
"The future looks pretty bright for Gaikai. Our growing team is working on a number of exciting initiatives that we can't wait to unveil. We can't share the details now, but we will soon."

Wow, I can't wait to see where Sony takes Gaikai. Pumped.
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Septic  +   962d ago
They are remaining tight-lipped about what they are working on- it is the usual vague marketing spiel for now- nothing tangible.

I suspect that they will only unveil their goods for the PS4 or E3 at the earliest. Time will tell.
darthv72  +   962d ago
the REAL response...
"I came back from vacation in the Bahamas and found that my name had been written over in Black Sharpie on my parking space. It said Kevin Butler, VP of infinity and Beyond. i thought someone was playing a joke on me but when my key didnt work in the lock...WTH is going on around here?

So I bumped into Larry outside the building. He is (or was) the handy man and i asked him what happened while i was gone. He told me he got promoted to head of research in cloud development. i was like WHAT?!?!? and he said, yeah Sony bought us and they have big plans for us moving forward.

This is being told to me by the same guy that washed his boots off in the fountain after there was a serious overflow in the john. I had to get more info on this. turns out, my company was sold right out from under me. Guess my deal with onlive didnt take to well with the other investors so they sold it right from under me.

I lost my company, lost my office and lost my parking space. If I tell my wife I will probably lose her too. I know the mistress wont be very happy about it."

dogoodmatters  +   962d ago
"They are remaining tight-lipped about what they are working on- it is the usual vague marketing spiel for now- nothing tangible."

I don't know why they even waste time on this.
sikbeta  +   962d ago
Until something is shown, no one can say anything, this is not good or bad, it's nothing yet, waiting for something coming out of this acquistion in first place before getting all hyped out of nothing.
danimitsu  +   962d ago
How could anybody 'disagree' with you just for being excited about something? lol well, i support your excitement and i will join with you in looking forward to seeing what comes of the Sony/Gaikai collaboration.

and now I got 2 'disagrees' haha I wish you would comment and tell me why you disagree, or at least just admit to trollin.
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GrahamGolden   962d ago | Trolling | show
jd666  +   962d ago
Some people click on stories just to disagree!! Numpties!!
tiffac008  +   962d ago
Don't worry about the disagrees, it happens to all of us. Its just the way it is ^^
awesomeperson  +   962d ago
Well they're disagreeing with him, because they disagree its exciting news D: Also just trolls, welcome to N4G ;)

For example, I'll most likely get a number of disagrees on this comment.

On topic, I really want to know where this will go :D
andibandit  +   962d ago
I disagreed, not because im not equally excited, but to quote that interview, which was full of vagueness and ambiguity, and let that be the springboard for ones excitement, is just fooling yourself.

in my eyes the reason for Dante112's excitement is about as logical as the following dialogue.

Press: "Now that Sony Computer Entertainment has acquired you, what will happen to Gaikai?"

Gaikai: "No Comment"

Dante112: "WOOOOOW!, IM SO PUMPED!!"
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Jazz4108  +   962d ago | Well said
Gaikai would have answered exactly the same no matter who purchased them. The problem is until the world and this includes the US whos still not even close to having a infrastructure capable of makeing this a success gets built up there is plenty of time for many other major breakthroughs and competition to be built as well. With sonys financial woes this makes sense for them to buy into the tech then create it themselves but the big question still remains is when many years down the road the internet does develop enough to handle widespread streaming across the world will Gaikai still be a main player? One thing the competition does have is time and financial means to make this accusition become a bad decision. Only time will tell.
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miyamoto  +   962d ago
Sony has positioned itself in a good position against Apple TV and Microsoft when it sees Cloud gaming catching up

Gaikai alone guarantees Sony's foot inside the arena of next generation of all kinds of gaming regardless of platform

7th Level has an interesting explanation to cloud gaming
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Every game you buy on ps4 will be streamed on the go to psVita watch..

Also I think tyhey will be more ps/pc titles with mmos like planetside 2.
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wastedcells  +   962d ago
Future looks bright for gamers...
Bigpappy  +   962d ago
So you guy think cloud gaming will be a good move for gamers? I never cared for it and still don't see how it helps gamers. I like owning what I pay for and playing offline. But that's just me.
otherZinc  +   962d ago

That was hilarious, accurate, & the friggin Post Of The Year!
remanutd55  +   962d ago
well as a playstation 3 and vita fan im pretty excited but i think they will unveil the platform meaning on the ps4 unveil press conference.
-Mika-  +   962d ago
I can't wait for the PS4. I hope sony announces it soon.
SandWitch  +   962d ago
It should be announced soon. I would say Q1 2013 might be the time

Then pricing and info at E3 2013

Then 2013 holiday - 2014 spring release
Alcohog  +   962d ago
kwyjibo  +   962d ago
According to both Avast and Firefox, PS3center contains an embedded malware frame from http://leakedhighercost.biz

Totally dodgy.

Edit - it doesn't always show up. I think it's being served up by the adserving scripts.
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SandwichHammock  +   962d ago
I think this might have something to do with PlaystationMobile and Gaikai being incorporated into it to allow for PS3 title streaming to any PlaystationMobile certified device. I might be way off, or not.

The interesting thing that this brings up, is if this is a sign of how long the current offering from Sony is being positioned to compete. I've been of long opinion, that the next Sony box will drop in the second half of 2014. Would something like the aforementioned PlaystationMobile/Gaikai possibility suggest we would have to wait longer? I hope not. But don't be surprised if you don't hear a peep about PS"4" at the next E3.
chasegarcia  +   962d ago
blah blah blah pr talk. I learned nothing from this article.
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GribbleGrunger  +   962d ago
When it's second hand news it's not official, when it's official news it's PR!? You, sir, are a genius
telekineticmantis  +   962d ago
I want this now
They should implement it on Vita atleast, and then maybe PS4 later.
jujubee88  +   962d ago
Actually, this goes hand in hand with remote play. Both need routers, right?

I hope that when LBP2 gets the cross-controller DLC, that will be the same day (or close) to when PS VITA can get a PC control scheme to play some Gaikai games.

That way, VITA can dominate the (in-house) mini screen realm.

Imagine going from building your own level and experience on PS3 and VITA to chilling beside the pool playing an action MMO on Gaikai, on your VITA.

There is a reason VITA is winning awards for being a great device till this day. That's a fact.




I just logged onto the Gaikai website. I couldn't find the demos of PC games anymore... but the website certain has gone a face-lift.

Also, there are some iconic Playstation first/third party titles splattered around the background. Take that for what you will...

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jujubee88  +   962d ago
After I wrote "edit:" I had a brainfart. Hence, the misspells and poor grammar.

THC CELL  +   962d ago
They could make a streamed dashboard with cross game video n chat
MasterCornholio  +   962d ago
Maybe another feature for plus? I sure hope so because the more that Sony gives to us wonderful plus users the better.

Just one of the reasons why i dumped my Xbox360 for a PS3.

IMO Live < PS3

My TV <<<<<<<&l t;<<<<<<<& lt;<<<<<<< < My new 1080P monitor.
Knight_Crawler  +   962d ago
You know people that keep reminding there self why they left something is a sign of regret and they keep telling there self that to make them feel better.

I think we get your point by now...you do not own a 360 anymore and hated it with a passion but why keep reminding us?
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wastedcells  +   959d ago
Why does it bother you? Are you so in love with your 360 that you need to comment on this lol.
ArronC07  +   962d ago
Sorry and all but I couldn't care less about cloud gaming. I want physical media.
kwyjibo  +   962d ago
The tags on this article are Gaikai, PC, PS Vita, PS3 & Sony.

But I think the missing tag is Android.

Gaikai could totally energise Sony's phone and tablet offerings.
ginsunuva  +   962d ago
The big reason for this is backwards-compatibility for next geb. Instead of recoding or emulating ps1,2,and 3 games, they can simply stream them. this is especially important if Sony doesn't use Nvidia gpus next gen.
BitbyDeath  +   962d ago
I don't care for backwards compatibility but if they could use Gaikai to stream demos then that'd be amazing.
Bowzabub  +   962d ago
Remote play will be coming kiddies. Only difference is,this will actually work unlike the hacked version of remote play. Bookmark it.
KenzaZo  +   962d ago
I'm not excited about cloud gaming at all, i would prefer to have a retail copy in my hands. What happens to all the games you buy when the service shuts down like the first Xbox did? I ordered PS Vita about 6 months before it came out and part of the reason was the fact i think it will be the last portable to sell retail copies, since everything is going digital (download)/ Cloud.
DivineAssault  +   962d ago
come on with it haters.. Start the doom articles about sony & gaikai now.. lol the future looks very bright on the PS end..
jujubee88  +   962d ago
Stop jinxing it!!!

Conzul  +   962d ago
I too will miss physical media. While I wish to God it would, the Ps4 probably won't have hardware backwards-compatibility.
tubers  +   962d ago
Yeah.. T.T just look at the recent PS3, PSP Go and VITA did to backwards compatibility.

The next device would probably have no phyiscal disc b/c but maybe PSN available games compatibility.
Conzul  +   961d ago
Yeah I expect so.
Pillsbury1  +   962d ago
Of course ps4 won't have backwards compatibility they realized they coul make money selling digital copies.
Half-Mafia  +   962d ago
I just went on Gaikai's website. Looks like you cant play any games now.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   962d ago
Looks like Sony is already a step ahead Next Gen!
Belking  +   962d ago
I doubt it. History tells us they may be playing catch up. I don't see them leading the way in cloud gaming. This is more like a must have for them because this solves the BC issues when they dump the cell. MS has been pushing digital for years(even when sony was spreading BR around)so I expect them to incorporate the cloud with xbox live. Live already has the infrastructure for it and MS has the dollars to make it happen without making a purchase like sony. Anyways, it was smart move for them to make that purchase. It will definitely pay off in the long run.
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IWentBrokeForGaming  +   962d ago
Well I think Sony is making it a point to make their status with Cloud Gaming more relevant than MS. MS can say they have been vouching for it for years, but all I read about Cloud Gaming... I see it's always that Sony aquired Gaikai to get the ball OFFICIALLY rolling. What do you hear of MS doing? I personally feel MS if they firmly believed in the concept they would've been touting it massively already, especially if they have the money/resources to make all this happen. I personally feel they aren't talking about it because I feel they ACTUALLY see it as a gamble!

Just asking!
TemplarDante  +   962d ago
I cant wait to play Crysis 3
on my PS Vita
with Gaikai :)
Belking  +   962d ago

"MS can say they have been vouching for it for years, but all I read about Cloud Gaming... I see it's always that Sony aquired Gaikai to get the ball OFFICIALLY rolling."

Well you are wrong my friend. MS and Apple were talking about cloud computing/gaming way back in the days of the first xbox. Back in the 90's, Bill Gates often referred to it when he spoke to audiences and so did Steve Jobs. If Sony purchased Gaikai you better believe MS is probably already one step ahead. After all, this is about technology and MS is a technology company. Xbox live already has the infrastructure for a cloud service and you better believe that if sony has the cloud they will definitely have their own service ready and waiting. But lets be real here, cloud gaming does involve a lot of risks and sony had to make that purchase or else they would of been screwed with backwards compatibility. Plus the purchase enabled them to get around all the patents for cloud gaming.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   962d ago
You talk of how MS and Apple talked about Cloud Gaming since the 90's. But we're talking about Sony doing Cloud Gaming in the very near future!

With all the Xbox Fanboys on here, I think we'd see something about MS's cloud service by now for sure! but we're in a Sony article right now aren't we?
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LNDCalling  +   962d ago
Hmmm.. Gaikai really could be a game changer for Sony.

They could use it to simplify the cross-buy feature i.e. you buy a copy for the PS3/PS4 and it links in with Gaikai so you can play it streamed to your Vita or PS certified phones or tablets, games saved in cloud would be accessable via Gaikai so you can continue playing on the move where you left off on the console.

If they did the same for Videos and Music as well plus streamed demos to all devices that would pretty much smash next gen.
OliviaJacobs22   962d ago | Spam
Carni  +   962d ago
So with this gaikai... i can play ps3 games and ps4 games on a vita device?! O.o
KrimsonKody  +   961d ago
I was wondering the same thing.
You hear people toss that idea out there, but can you really?

I think SOME PS3 games may work on PSVita via Galkai, but definitely not PS4. There will be specs that the PS4 will use that I believe the Vita will not be able to handle.
KongRudi  +   960d ago
I believe all it needs to handle is a stream.

Even if the hypotetichal PS4 game running in the serverparks in the clouds, is spouting a 4k native resolution image, and blasting music out of 17 surroundsound channels. That's not what the stream weich arrives to your Vita will try to play.

I'm doing all my gaming on PC, Playstation 3 and Vita, so it dosn't matter too much for me, what Sony and Gaikai do to bring stuff between those platforms.

But I'm excited about the potential that other people might get to try some of the exclusives wich has been reserved for us Playstation-gamers.
I.e. I would love to visit my parents and be able to play a game like Journey, or see them play it, if it could be playable on on the next generation of Smart TV's. :)

If Sony makes the service open for partners to use, i.e. Android, PSN-store could suddenly sit with a 10 times bigger customer-base, really fast.

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