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Halo 4 Limited Edition Console Unboxing

A detailed look at the Limited Edition Halo 4 console.

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otherZinc1390d ago

Awesome, just awesome! I dont know if I'll get one or not. I hope they have an english version of the H4 unboxing soon.

Muffins12231390d ago

The irony is,its in German yet xbox's are not even sold in Germany....

KMCROC1390d ago

Can't wait to pick mine up on the 11/06/2012. awesome

dexter116281390d ago

If I didn't have the LE Pre-ordered and paid in full, I would buy it. As for you, go for it! It would be a great item to ad to any Halo fans collection.

MasterD9191390d ago

I wish that you could make any 360 make those Halo sounds.

TotalSynthesisX1390d ago

You can, actually. Just say bye-bye to your console's warranty.

MasterD9191390d ago

Nice. I'll have to wait for my warranty to expire, but I'd love to have the Halo announcer guy's voice scream something at me when I hit the on button on my console, or maybe the over-shield noise.

Cool either way.

GasTankKiller1390d ago

Got the system, the limited edition and Halo Warheads pre-ordered. Spending $800 on 11/6/12. Can't f-en wait for Halo 4.