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StickSkills said, "Resident Evil 6 is an astonishing failure and an utter disaster on nearly every level. It’s difficult to comprehend how Capcom’s behemoth could have fallen so far, although a likely culprit is that the scope of the game got too impossibly out of control. Resident Evil 6 is simply too much, and a fatally schizophrenic production with a severe identity crisis. That might be forgivable if the game had technical polish, but that fact that this is also missing makes Resident Evil 6 a terrible game that I cannot possibly recommend."

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ritsuka6662023d ago

Lol this game was so bad can't wait until all these fanboys take off there hype goggles and see the shit heap this game is. Worst game of 2012 hands down peps.

CynicalKelly2022d ago

I thought it was great. Started it up thinking I would hate it and then found myself really enjoying the game.

I can't wait until the fanboy's get over themselves, stop letting nostalgia blinding them. Resi 6 is as close to the old resident evils as we can get and they cannot be pleased.

Resi 5 deserved this hate. I think people just like to complain.

GrahamGolden2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

kelly i think the whole game was crap except leon campaign wich was good

GrahamGolden2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

ritsuka 4mil ppl put a middle finger in your @ss
hate more buddy

Kos-Mos2023d ago

This review I cant possible recommend.