Sam's Club to host SSBB midnight launches, taking preorders

Sam's Club (a retail chain of membership-only discount/warehouse club in the US) will be begin taking pre-orders for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. They will also be hosting midnight Super Smash Bros. Brawl launch events at every Sam's Club store. In addition, each store will have around twenty Wii's in store at the launch as well. The game will retail there for under $44.

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wiizy3782d ago

smash is going to be a huge success in the u.s especially if japan is any indication

desolationstorm3782d ago

Yes it will, though I was sad going into work today. The second time I looked at a calender and thought hey I could have been playing this game today. Made worse by the fact that I had a count down on one of my work calenders for the release date.

ItsDubC3782d ago

Wow, under $44? Too bad I'm a Costco member =(

Skerj3782d ago

Hah I might be in for that, Sam's Club usually rocks for new MAJOR games because no one checks there. Just don't go expecting anything but the newest releases because they suck at the rest.