Forza Horizon Behind the Scenes Trailer #3

The official Behind the Scenes Trailer #3 of Forza Horizon.

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EliteDave932056d ago

This makes me wanna buy a Xbox 360 again but im not sure if its worth it.

green2056d ago

Played the demo last night and the game is amazing. I think the physics has been altered a bit but it suits the nature of the game. Great graphics, atmosphere, racing ,everything. Game got it all in spades.

creeping judas2056d ago

I certainly found it easier to drift that any of the Forza games. Apparently the controls have been tweaked since E3 according to people who played it there. I most certainly found it amazing. If you played the free ride mode after completing the last race, you were able to see the day to night transition, which was awesome. And personally I didn't have as much of an issued with the frame rate as I thought I would.

green2055d ago

Have not done free mode yet. Will certainly try it out. Thanks for the info.

Blankman852056d ago

Can you confirm dynamic weather?

creeping judas2056d ago

Not in the demo, at least as much as I played it. Don't know if it would make an appearance if you kept on playing the the free run mode?

Perjoss2056d ago

I loved the demo, im not totally convinced about the map size though. I really wish there was more info about the size of the world.

ChunkyLover532056d ago

The race against the Mustang plane was so fun in the demo! This is such a change up from the traditional Forza franchise, Playground games has really got me excited for the full release.

otherZinc2055d ago

Outstanding demo, cant wait for the game. I think I drove every road in the demo. I also viewed the area & tried to make it to 2 different areas on the map through the mountains, it wouldnt let me through.

Day night was awesome, didn't see any weather, I'll play more tonight.

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