Capcom Senior Director Talks Okami for Wii

Capcom's senior director of strategy, Christian Svensson, recently posted a few details on the upcoming Okami port for Wii. His several posts on the official Capcom forums reveal some interesting details on the Wii build, including the Wii control scheme, content in the Wii version, marketing plans, and possible US and European release dates.

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OC Shock Value3758d ago

Another hand me down.. but its an outstanding one tho

KidMakeshift3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

Great approach!

The first Okami had next to no marketing and failed because of it just like Zack & Wiki. Now it has a second chance to be redeemed, and yet these a$$ hats have decided to take the same route again and not advertise for it.

Capcom, if not all Japanese publishers, really need get their sh!t together when it comes to western marketing, and vice versa for America.

I know games like Okami might be pocket change to create when compared to their big projects like DMC4, and Resident Evil (which is practically a household name by now), but if they actually restrategize their marketing then games like Okami could be the next big franchise for them. But nope, and now Clover studios is no more because of their stubborness.

wiizy3758d ago

i just dont get it. another great game and once again no t.v advertisement and once it doesnt sell too much , another third party complaint will happen.

ben8063758d ago

so when can i buy my okami themed plush doll?